Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Don't Stop Believin'...that I'll see them in concert

The GLEE kids are going on tour. Guess who will be going to LA to see them live in concert?!

I mean come on, every news I hear about this show makes me happy. Where do I start?

* Joss Whedon will be directing an episode this spring

* One of my heroes, Neil Patrick Harris, will be in that Joss Whedon episode!! I just read a quote about this: "One solid Glee insider shares that Neil is playing a character who is really funny and really mean. He will be much more of the Dr. Horrible variety than Doogie Howser, M.D. And the fans will LOVE it."

* The all Madonna episode with 10 of her songs. This is the episode my sister Emily got to be an extra in. Mercedes and Kurt sang "4 Minutes" in the gym with the cheerleaders.

* Idina Menzel (the original Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway) will be the coach of the GLEE kids' rivals - Vocal Adrenaline.

* More Kristin Chenoweth! She'll be back as April Rhodes. Could she and Idina possibly have a scene together? One can hope!

* Jonathan Groff (Lea Michele's [Rachel] co-star in the Broadway musical "Spring Awakening" which I've just started listening to and I really like) will be the lead male singer for Vocal Adrenaline. And a love interest for Rachel!

* Olivia Newton-John will be on the show to sing a duet ("Let's Get Physical") with Sue Sylvester. Not sure what her character will be, but who cares? Stoked.

* Molly Shannon is going to be Sue's nemesis! She will play "Brenda Castle, the busty 45-year-old new astronomy teacher and badminton coach at McKinley High School who is both an alcoholic and a pill-popper." I'm already picturing how flippin' awesome her scenes with Sue will be...

* the promo for the last 9 episodes of the year:

And now the cherry on top is the announcement made yesterday that GLEE is going on tour. They will be in LA on May 20 and 21. I don't know if I will drive or fly but I will BE THERE. And forget "Team Finn" or "Team Puck". I'll be wearing a "Team Schuester" t-shirt with pride.


Emily said...

Molly Shannon is going to make an already great show even better!!!

Jody said...

I am so excited. TEAM SHU! I want him.
And how great is Molly Shannon??? This is going to be so great.

Smarshie said...

I KNOW! Can it be April 13th already?!?