Saturday, January 31, 2009

perfect day

Slept in
Swam laps in the community pool
Laid out in the sun by the pool (it was in the 70's today)
Walked on West Cliff with friends and watched the ocean and the sun set
Delicious shrimp burrito for dinner
Walked around downtown
Bought used copies of Phil Collins greatest hits and Simon and Garfunkel's greatest hits at Logos
Sat under heat lamps at Chocolate and enjoyed an amazing piece of "Chocolate Ecstacy Cake", while chatting with friends
Went hot tubbing
Showered again, clean, smell good, book, then bed
Perfect day.

Friday, January 30, 2009


One of my students (Michael) was just on The Price Is Right and WON!!! What the heck!??! He won an oven, plasma TV, trip to Amsterdam, a new CARRRRRRRRRRR, and a bunch of other stuff. No way! I will find out when his show airs and let you know. I will definitely be watching it! He's going to be on TV. I can't believe he won all that stuff. I am wiggin' out.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

facebook status updates

I have decided that I love facebook status updates. One little click and you can see what all your friends around the world are doing. This person's sick, someone just chopped off all their hair, another person just got engaged, a different friend is planning a trip to Ireland, this person needs prayer for a surgery coming up, a student just wanted to let everyone know that he ate a whole pizza. Whatever it is, I love it. I also love reading people's comments to their friend's status updates. People are funny!

Here are a few of my favorite updates from the past couple weeks:

Justin is trapped in his office. Save me facebook.

Nich hates Alyssa for making him change his status.
Alyssa's comment: oh man now my feelings are hurt.
Nich's new update a minute later: Nich hurt Alyssa's feelings.

David's dog pooped a "havana omelette" on the carpet. Is it moving?!

Jonathan: Lost + The Office + 30 Rock + Burn Notice + Psych: Good few days for TV.
Comment from a friend, Chris: Burn Notice and Psych are basically the shit.

Jeff wishes his friends would stop pretending to work and do something on facebook.

Ryan has a secret man crush on Jack Bauer.

Melissa is totally laughing at the fro she woke up with...woah Mufasa.

Brian is packing for Maui. In frustration, just asked his boys if Jesus would hit His brothers in the balls. I think I am going to pack a parenting book.

Friday, January 23, 2009

listening, watching, reading

Listening: David Cook's debut album. I will start this section off by stating that I have never been a huge American Idol fan. But last year everyone was talking about this guy, David Cook from Missouri, who was charming, funny, and a cutie-patootie but could play guitar and belt it like you would not believe. So I checked it out. And got hooked. Again, not so much on the show, but on David Cook. As soon as his songs from the show went on iTunes, I downloaded them. When he won, I was ecstatic! I was able to see him on tour last summer and he was AMAZING. And then his first solo debut CD came out right in time for Christmas. I have been listening to it a lot and each time I listen, I love it more. My current favorite songs of the album are "Heroes", "Lie", and "Avalanche". Go get it, friends!

Watching: LOST season 5. My favorite show on TV is back! There was a 2 hour premiere on Wednesday night. I have been looking forward to this for months! ** Spoilers ** It's not where is the's when is the island. Holy crap, you guys. This just opened up a can of worms. And then there's flaming arrows! Hurley arrested! Desmond and Penny are married! Locke's dead body in a meat locker! Daniel Faraday's mom is that chick who talked to Desmond back in England! Sayid is so resourceful - who knew you could use a dishwasher to kill a man? Sun is working with Charles Widmore! Jack shaved his ratty beard! Sawyer was shirtless! So many noteworthy events in just two hours. I freakin' love this show. I'm very glad it's back.

Reading: The Shack by William Paul Young. I was given this book two Christmases ago and I just recently picked it up to read. I know this book has become pretty popular, so I entered it a bit wary. It took me awhile to get into it because I kept having questions and wondering if it was biblical. But then I just told myself, "Sarah, remember it's fiction. Yes, it has principles based on the bible, but it's fiction." After that, I was able to relax more and just enjoy the author's thoughts and reflections. I found myself underlining tons of stuff and putting big stars next to certain paragraphs that hit me. In the margins, I have written more than once, "OH MY GOSH!! THAT'S HOW I FEEL!!" and stuff like that.

But last week I was about 2/3 through the book and I couldn't fall asleep. I just kept reading. I was up till 2:30 a.m. trying to finish this one chapter. And I don't know what happened, but that one chapter killed me. I started crying and could not stop. Absolutely heart-wrenching. I just sat in bed and cried and cried. I could not stop replaying the scene I had just read in my head. I was not expecting that. I had no idea this book would affect me the way it did. I don't usually cry when I read, but for some reason it really really hit me. I went to bed emotionally exhausted.

I am still processing through what I read. I plan to finish the book next week but I am taking a bit of a break to recover. Whew! Needless to say, I recommend this book whether you are a Christian or not. It's an honest look at one man's wrestle with God in the midst of the sadness and suffering in his life. I'd love to know what you thought after you read it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gangsta Judah

I have been having major nephew withdrawls lately. I have not seen Judah since Christmas. That was almost a month ago. I talked to my sister Amy and found out she and David were going to be at our parent's house this weekend. So I went over yesterday and had some quality Judah-time. Man, that baby has my heart. No doubt about it. He makes me laugh and then makes me cry because he is just so beautiful.

My mom, my sis, and I had a little fun with him at one point yesterday. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt so we pretended he was gangsta. Enjoy the video. (P.S. Judah - I'm sorry your auntie is so loud. I probably terrify you with my loud voice, laugh, and screams of joy. Sorry, baby boy!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

who knew beanbags were so fun?

Last night we had our first official college group of the new semester (ice skating was fun last week but we really didn't get a chance to talk about stuff). It was a great night. I shared the new mission statement and vision of the group. We learned a name game and I told them if they could complete it in under 2 minutes, I would buy them a cake later that night (I'm not sure what possessed me to offer that). They did it in 38 seconds. Cake it is!!

I gave my talk on evangelism and it I mean, let's be honest. We're always our own worst critics, aren't we? I thought it was better than the last time I spoke (which I felt horrible about!) but ultimately I need to remember it's NOT about me. God can speak through anyone. I just hope the main point of the message was heard.

After an awesome time of worship, I went to the grocery store with a couple peeps and we bought a big ol' chocolate cake and some ice cream. When we got back, everyone got on a sugar high and then the ruckus began. Before I knew it, the students had piled all the blankets, pillows, and beanbags (from our meeting room) on top of each other and were doing all sorts of stunts. Cartwheels, sommersaults, flips, dives, falling backwards from couches, leaps, was pandemonium. I am so shocked no one got hurt. I took a million pictures. Here are a few.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

chuggin' along

I feel like I'm slowly getting back into the routine of things. Not a whole lot has been going on lately. I'm working on a talk for tomorrow night. We're starting a new series on evangelism. My talk is on why it is important. We'll be reading the parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke 15 - how the shepherd leaves his 99 to go find the 1. Better go work some more on it...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Friday, January 09, 2009

ice skating

After a much-needed break, the college group kicked off this week for the new semester. We always like to start things off with some fun, so we went ice skating! It was such a great night. Many of the students had not been ice skating since they were little, so it was hilarious to see everyone hobbling around on the ice and of course, people falling all over the place.

I was skating and chatting with a girl who had come for the first time that night, and all of a sudden a group surrounded us (on purpose) and we all fell. It was awesome. Someone snacthed a camera and took our picture. And then I didn't know it but they took a few more as we all got up. This last picture is one of my favorites of the night. I didn't even see them taking it...I had just gotten up and was looking around at all the students skating our way. I was filled with joy. I really really love my job. I love that I get to love on college students. Spend time with them. Go through the good times and the hard times. I'm thankful.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

slow-mo baby laugh

This is my new favorite video. Someone taped their baby laughing and then slowed it down. After about 5 or 10 seconds, close your eyes and just enjoy the sound.

Everyone says babies are cute, right? What if you heard THESE sounds coming down your hallway at 2:00 in the morning:

Monday, January 05, 2009

bittersweet goodbyes

I am in my office right now and it is quiet. Too quiet.

Yesterday, we said goodbye and prayed for two of my co-workers (Christian and Lacy) who are getting married this weekend and then moving. Christian got a job as a Jr. High pastor at a church about 4 hours away.

I call it "bittersweet goodbyes" because on one hand I selfishly want them to stay. I love them so much and it is so fun working with them (they worked in the high school ministry). But on the other hand, I am SO happy for them and am really stoked for what God has in store for them next.

So now we have two big empty desks just sitting in our office. It's kind of sad. I loved working with Lacy this year but I worked with Christian for 2 and a half years and we were pretty tight.

Hey Christian, remember that time:

- you broke my desk
- we sang the duet from High School Musical 2 ("I gotta go my own way...")
- I filmed you dancing to loud Russian techno music in the office
- you wore a fanny pack to work
- you told me you and Lacy had started dating and I freaked out with excitement
- we watched Hairspray and became obsessed with the soundtrack
- we traded conspiracy theories about the show LOST and you got me a "Jack" action figure for Christmas
- you and Lacy brought in your male kitten Brodie and told us how you thought he was a girl so you bought him a bright pink bed
- I made fun of you for liking Paul Walker and The Rock as actors
- at our snow retreat you sledded down the hill backwards and ran over a small tree
- we freaked out about not having any vehicles to transport luggage down to Mexico until the day before we left
- you put up a Zac Efron poster in my office and signed it saying "Thanks for being my #1 fan!"
- we saw Pan's Labryinth and could not stop thinking about how good it was
- you did the Snow Camp jingle ("Iiiiiiii'm gonna break both my arms...")
- we had talks on the blue couch
- I accepted your love for O-Town without question
- the Turkey Bowls, Shinguardian Angel cups, and Steroid-Free softball games
- we all went to the park for your birthday and while playing volleyball Philip split his pants right in the crotch area
- driving back from Tahoe with you texting, eating, used your knees to steer, and sometimes falling asleep at the wheel for a quick moment

Those were good times. I'm gonna miss you.

Now go kick butt at your new church! =)

Friday, January 02, 2009

new jacket

For Christmas this year, I asked for a big jacket. One that would keep me super comfy and warm this winter (and many winters to come). My amazing parents got me a black down jacket from REI. It's one of those puffy ones that makes you want to go around hugging everyone you see so they can share the puffy joy. It arrived today in the mail.

I luff it.