Friday, January 09, 2009

ice skating

After a much-needed break, the college group kicked off this week for the new semester. We always like to start things off with some fun, so we went ice skating! It was such a great night. Many of the students had not been ice skating since they were little, so it was hilarious to see everyone hobbling around on the ice and of course, people falling all over the place.

I was skating and chatting with a girl who had come for the first time that night, and all of a sudden a group surrounded us (on purpose) and we all fell. It was awesome. Someone snacthed a camera and took our picture. And then I didn't know it but they took a few more as we all got up. This last picture is one of my favorites of the night. I didn't even see them taking it...I had just gotten up and was looking around at all the students skating our way. I was filled with joy. I really really love my job. I love that I get to love on college students. Spend time with them. Go through the good times and the hard times. I'm thankful.


Joy said...

Wow that must be some experience! I remember when I was taking ice skating lessons I fell on my butt and it hurt for almost 2 months! Someone almost kicked me in the face too, needless to say my Mom didn't let me take anymore ice skating lessons after that! lol =D luvin' the blog...!

Smarshie said...

Welcome to the blog, Abigail. I look forward to reading yours! =)