Saturday, May 11, 2013

I killed Bambi

The other night I was driving home from trivia. My team had won so I was pretty stoked and I'm sure I had a smile on my face. I was driving about 65 mph on the freeway and it was late and DARK. As I turned a corner of the freeway, all of a sudden I saw Bambi.

Bambi was standing in the middle of the freeway.

Not walking across it. Not running. Not doing anything but CHILLIN' in the middle of the freeway.

I knew I was going to hit it. There was no way I wouldn't. I slammed on my brakes and started screaming right before it hit. At the last second, it tried to jump to the right but not in time.


And just like that, I became a murderer.

After we hit, my car swerved horribly to one side and then the other. I screamed even louder. I thought for sure I was going to spin out of control and hit the car on my left. But then my car straightened out and I keep going down the freeway in utter and complete shock. Did that just happen??

I pulled off at the next exit to freak out, cry, and call 911. They said they'd send out a unit to pick up Bambi.

As I drove home, I noticed my car was driving weird. I was sure the deer dented the front and maybe it pushed some engine parts out of place or something. In the morning, I went outside to see the damage:

See the little fluff of something hanging from the bottom of the headlight? Yep, that's deer fur, skin, and blood. Anyway, you can see how everything in the hood/bumper is out of alignment. I can't open the passenger door because of it. So I took my car into a body shop and am driving a rental car in the meantime.

I am shaky from the whole incident and I don't want to drive at night anymore. I'm hoping to feel better in a couple days. I am VERY thankful it wasn't worse. I could have gotten into a really bad accident.

At least I didn't stop and load the deer in my car to take to Animal Rescue. This could have happened: