Monday, January 05, 2009

bittersweet goodbyes

I am in my office right now and it is quiet. Too quiet.

Yesterday, we said goodbye and prayed for two of my co-workers (Christian and Lacy) who are getting married this weekend and then moving. Christian got a job as a Jr. High pastor at a church about 4 hours away.

I call it "bittersweet goodbyes" because on one hand I selfishly want them to stay. I love them so much and it is so fun working with them (they worked in the high school ministry). But on the other hand, I am SO happy for them and am really stoked for what God has in store for them next.

So now we have two big empty desks just sitting in our office. It's kind of sad. I loved working with Lacy this year but I worked with Christian for 2 and a half years and we were pretty tight.

Hey Christian, remember that time:

- you broke my desk
- we sang the duet from High School Musical 2 ("I gotta go my own way...")
- I filmed you dancing to loud Russian techno music in the office
- you wore a fanny pack to work
- you told me you and Lacy had started dating and I freaked out with excitement
- we watched Hairspray and became obsessed with the soundtrack
- we traded conspiracy theories about the show LOST and you got me a "Jack" action figure for Christmas
- you and Lacy brought in your male kitten Brodie and told us how you thought he was a girl so you bought him a bright pink bed
- I made fun of you for liking Paul Walker and The Rock as actors
- at our snow retreat you sledded down the hill backwards and ran over a small tree
- we freaked out about not having any vehicles to transport luggage down to Mexico until the day before we left
- you put up a Zac Efron poster in my office and signed it saying "Thanks for being my #1 fan!"
- we saw Pan's Labryinth and could not stop thinking about how good it was
- you did the Snow Camp jingle ("Iiiiiiii'm gonna break both my arms...")
- we had talks on the blue couch
- I accepted your love for O-Town without question
- the Turkey Bowls, Shinguardian Angel cups, and Steroid-Free softball games
- we all went to the park for your birthday and while playing volleyball Philip split his pants right in the crotch area
- driving back from Tahoe with you texting, eating, used your knees to steer, and sometimes falling asleep at the wheel for a quick moment

Those were good times. I'm gonna miss you.

Now go kick butt at your new church! =)

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