Tuesday, January 27, 2009

facebook status updates

I have decided that I love facebook status updates. One little click and you can see what all your friends around the world are doing. This person's sick, someone just chopped off all their hair, another person just got engaged, a different friend is planning a trip to Ireland, this person needs prayer for a surgery coming up, a student just wanted to let everyone know that he ate a whole pizza. Whatever it is, I love it. I also love reading people's comments to their friend's status updates. People are funny!

Here are a few of my favorite updates from the past couple weeks:

Justin is trapped in his office. Save me facebook.

Nich hates Alyssa for making him change his status.
Alyssa's comment: oh man now my feelings are hurt.
Nich's new update a minute later: Nich hurt Alyssa's feelings.

David's dog pooped a "havana omelette" on the carpet. Is it moving?!

Jonathan: Lost + The Office + 30 Rock + Burn Notice + Psych: Good few days for TV.
Comment from a friend, Chris: Burn Notice and Psych are basically the shit.

Jeff wishes his friends would stop pretending to work and do something on facebook.

Ryan has a secret man crush on Jack Bauer.

Melissa is totally laughing at the fro she woke up with...woah Mufasa.

Brian is packing for Maui. In frustration, just asked his boys if Jesus would hit His brothers in the balls. I think I am going to pack a parenting book.


New Branch said...

that last comment had me bust out laughing. something to look forward to as a mother of a boy...

Smarshie said...

I know, that update was one of my favs! =)