Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the good things

Since I am in the midst of a hard time, I have decided to dedicate a whole blog post to the things I am thankful for right now. When I feel down, it's easy to focus on all the bad things. I want to spend some time focusing on the good things.


* My amazing friends and family. Seriously, what would I do without them? I am so thankful for everyone's prayers and encouragements. I need them. They mean so much to me.

* My sister Emily got to be an extra on the set of GLEE yesterday. Are you kidding me?! She saw the whole cast! She sent me pictures and texts all day. It was amazing. Here's what I can report: they were filming in the gym for the Madonna episode. Mercedes was on one side of the gym with half the cheerleaders, Kurt was on the other side with the other half of the cheerleaders (M and K were both in cheer uniforms - does that mean they've joined the Cheerios?) They performed "4 Minutes" by Madonna and Justin Timberlake. Emily said the rest of the cast, including Emma and Sue was up in the bleachers with all the extras watching. Emily said we will LOVE their version of the song. They sang and danced to it 15 times to get all the camera angles.

Mr. Schuester was there and she said he is even cuter in real life (just like Puck). He was sitting down the row from her and did the robot in between takes, just for fun. Can you see him in this picture?

Afterwards, they filmed a scene with Finn in a basketball uniform, doing a dream sequence to "Hello, I Love You" by the Doors. This scene must be for another episode. Here's another picture Emily snuck me. Sitting against the back wall is Finn and Quinn.

Emily said she smiled at Puck as they passed by him. And then she said after she turned in her paperwork (to get paid) she was walking down the hall, and Mr. Schue and Rachel walked right by her! "I could have nudged right into them, Sarah!"

* I am thankful for my co-workers. One of them let me just cry my eyes out yesterday morning. She then sent me on a walk during a break in the rain. The air smelled so good - fresh and clean. I walked to a gazebo at the community college nearby. I looked at the trees and plants. I put a flower in my hair. Simple things. But lovely. And very much needed.

* Last Saturday evening, I got to see Eddie Izzard (comedian) with 2 sisters. And we got FREE tickets! We had a hookup who gave us not only free tickets but luxury suite seats! We were up in a box room with 10 other people and there was free food and drinks. Swanky. I needed to laugh that night, and I did. That felt good.

* Before the show, I got to see my nephew. It didn't matter that it was only 45 minutes. His smile warms my heart. I just love that little munch.

* Hawaii in 2 weeks.

* Starbucks date with a dear friend who listened to me and also just let me cry and shared some wisdom from a book she was reading.

* A walk with our neighbor's 3 golden retrievers. I tell people I am taking the dogs on a walk, but really, they take ME for a walk. They are so big and so excited to get outside, they literally pull me along the sidewalk and I can barely keep up. I love them! Exercise and cute dogs? Yes, please.

* I got to see the 2 kids I used to babysit for on Sunday. I have not seen them in ages! I freaked out a little because the little boy I knew at 6 years old is now almost 14, extremely tall, and has a low voice. Hello puberty.

* My blog, where I can write down what I'm feeling and process things better.


Emily said...

I love this, Sarah. I remember Chip preaching once about how thankfulness is the antidote to...I can't remember precisely what he said, but being thankful cheers you up when you're down, and it also helps turn your thoughts back in the right direction. Good stuff. The blog is a great place to decompress. I'm praying for you, sweet friend.

Jody said...

Sarah, I hope you are doing better today. I'm glad you had a release and got to go for a walk yesterday. If you have any tears left I'll take'em!

Jody said...

PS- I want to latch onto Mr. Shue so badly.

Tira said...

I love that you share your life on your blog! Isn't it refreshing?
Hope things start looking up for you! Hey, Hawaii, 2 weeks! Sounds like a Divine vacation! :)

Hugs. tw

TheKurtsies said...

OMGLEE! You were an extra on Glee?! Just wondering, how did you get to be an extra? Is there some sort of website or such?

Smarshie said...

Hello "Kurtsie". =) You must be a big fan of GLEE like myself.

I was not an extra on the set of GLEE. My youngest sister was. She lives in Los Angeles and is part of an agency where you can get called if TV shows or movies need "extras" in the background of scenes they are filming. You should look into it!