Thursday, March 04, 2010

time for a RAVE

One of the students in my group is going to be famous.

He wrote, composed, played keytar (yes, keytar), and sang a song that is on a techno CD that got released yesterday. Last night at the college group, he played us a live version and we were so into it! It's super catchy and he has a great voice.

Today at work we couldn't get the song out of our heads. We were singing or humming it all morning. One of the guys in the office noticed I have a "touch lamp" on my desk - ya know, the kind that get brighter every time you touch them? And then another guy noticed that when you sit on my couch a certain way, it makes my halogen lamp go on and off (the cord is behind the couch and is halfway in the socket). We were inspired to play the song and have a mini-rave. Enjoy!

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