Sunday, March 07, 2010


Last night we had a GYFAD with the college group. GYFAD stands for "Get Your Friend A Date". Everyone got dates and we all went out together. My date was a friend named Luke and we had a great time. First stop - pizza.

Second stop - bowling, mini-golf, arcade, laser tag, air hockey, and more at the Boardwalk.

Last stop - ice cream at our favorite local place.

It was cool seeing the guys in the group opening doors for the girls, refilling their dates' drinks, paying for everything, being gentlemen. We've never had a night like this before (I think all the students were a little wary of getting dates), but I'm glad it ended up being a fun night for all.


Chrissy said...

I remember GYFAD at Biola with you one weekend! Glad you all had fun! :)

Katie Hund said...

oh GYRADS. I had a 50% fun-rating with those. I would do that again now that i'm older and wiser(??)

Smarshie said...

Haha, good ol' GYRADs. I was remembering how fun those were and then realized these students would never get to do one (unless they transferred to a Christian college) because they don't live in dorms. So we went for it!

Chrissy, wasn't it a scavenger hunt or something like that? =)

Katie, don't you think we should have them as adults? I'd be so down.

Jody said...

Wow. I have never heard of this before. I think it's great! I will work on getting you and Amy and ??? each a date while you visit. It should not be difficult if you don't mind men over the age of 44. Lots of those around here.

Tira said...

FLASHBACKS!!! :) haha.
I'm with your friend Katie-- 50% fun rating. 50% scarred for life! haha.

What a great outing to do with the college group! I wonder if any of the dates will bloom into LOVE!! :)

Such a fun blog to read, Sarah! xo.