Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Flo and I would be BFFs

Do you remember last month when it was "Doppelgänger Week" on facebook? You were supposed to post a picture of a celebrity who you look like as your profile picture. Mine was Flo from the Progressive commercials. Ever since those commercials came out, people have been telling me I remind them of Flo. Maybe not so much in looks (I currently do not own bright red lipstick or a Bump-It), but more in mannerisms and enthusiasm. So unbeknownst to her, Flo and I are doppelgängers and I think if we were to meet, we'd be BFFs.


I get a link from someone saying that Progressive is looking for someone to be in a commercial with Flo! Here's what you have to do to enter:

1. Create a video that tells us why you would be great helping Flo at Progressive.
2. End your video in 50 seconds or less with: "Now that's Progressive".
3. Submit your video at HelpFlo.com by logging in to your YouTube account.
4. Upload your video and then fill in the required information.
5. Click submit and you'll receive a confirmation email.
6. Once your video has been reviewed, you'll receive an email of acceptance (with a video link) or rejection (read all rules before you submit).
7. Then share your video with all of your friends and see what happens.

I AM SO DOING IT! Anyone else want to do it, too? We have until March 21st to submit a video. And then the top 3 finalists get flown to LA to tryout with Flo and the grand prize winner gets to be in a commercial with her. I know I won't win, but it will be fun to make a video anyway. I'll post it for you all to see once it's done.

"Now that's Progressive..."


Jody said...

You are going to freak her out.

Laura McKissack said...

Oh Sarah. You are so great. Just last night I was telling someone how great I think you are. If you are in a commercial, I will be your biggest fan. ;-)