Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Wait for the good pitches!"

Last summer I randomly signed up for my church's adult co-ed softball league. I had never played softball before and had no idea what I was doing. You can read about it here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I didn't sign up to play this summer. I think it was a combo of not getting around to it, knowing I was going to be busy this summer, and thinking I wasn't very good so it was probably smart not to play again.

But Coach Doug saw me last Sunday after church. "Sarah, we need you back on the team!" I asked why and he said every team needs at least 3 women to play or their forfeit. And the past two games, only 2 women have shown up so they've had to forfeit both times.

So guess who's back on the team?!

We had a game Thursday evening after work. Coach Doug was kind enough to let me use his extra glove again (I really need to buy my own). Almost everyone from the team last summer was back to play again this summer so it was fun to see people again. And luckily Coach Doug put me in right field so I just had to pretend I knew what I was doing and pray no balls came to me. (Which they didn't. Yeah!)

I was at bat three times. The first time I fouled out, the second time I got a walk, and the third time I actually hit the ball! I was so proud until I realized they got the guy ahead of me out at second base. So I made it to first base but got an out for my team. Sorry guys! Our team played great though. We won 15-3. Holla.

Sadly, no bruises, snot issues, or shoulders popping out of sockets this game. But I'll keep you guys updated on softball stories as the summer goes on. Play ball!


New Branch said...

dude i am laughing that coach doug is so honest - he's not asking you to come back for your skilz. he's asking you to come back because you're a girl and rules are rules. just stand there sarah. that's all we need. stand in right field and we'll take it from there. 'we're gonna win!'

Smarshie said...

It's true. The man literally just needs a warm body (with boobs).