Thursday, July 19, 2012

I love summer part 2

Another blog about why I love summer.

* Last Saturday I went to another Giants game. I seriously just want to go to AT&T Park every day and watch the Giants play. That's all I want to do.

* Monday I went to my first minor-league baseball game: the San Jose Giants. We got free tickets. Look! It's Intern Scott taking the picture!

* I've been teaching hip hop dance to middle schoolers this summer. They have been learning a dance that they will perform next Tuesday for their family, friends, and other kids at the summer camp.

* Do you remember my postings on The Glee Project last summer? Well I haven't been posting about TGP on my blog this summer, but I am enjoying season 2. My sisters and I email each other our thoughts after each episode which I LOVE.  I am related to funny people. (By the way, I am #TeamNellie and #TeamAilyn)

* My softball team had a double header today. Can I show you a new fun purchase?

This mitt is lovely. And I don't have to borrow Coach Doug's anymore. Yeah!

We won BOTH games tonight. I am on the biggest high right now. The first game we were behind 2-6 but then the last inning we got 5 runs and won 7-6! We were freaking out. Our second game was even harder. The second team was even better than the first. But we had an amazing 6th inning and ended up winning 12-8. I have to share a special moment. My first couple at-bats were not that great. But in that awesome 6th inning I went up for my last time. And I hit the ball well! I was so proud. It went over the shortstop's head and the outfielder had to run up for it. I made it to first base and one of my teammates on 3rd base made it home. I stood at 1st base grinning like an idiot while my team cheered for me. What a great feeling.

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Smarshie said...

I forgot to mention, there was a guy on the second team who looked JUST LIKE Liam Hemsworth. Aka Miley Cyrus' fiancee. Aka Thor's younger brother. Aka Gale from The Hunger Games. I was catching behind home plate a lot of that game and I got flustered every time he walked up to hit. Pull yourself together, Sarah!