Monday, August 08, 2011

The Glee Project

I think we can all agree that television in the summer is lame, yes?

As in, all our favorite shows are on hiatus. So our only options are really bad reality shows like "The Bachelor Pad", "Toddlers & Tiaras", and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

But a new show began this summer that has entertained me and made me look forward to the next episode week after week. The Glee Project!

The premise is they are looking for a new character to bring to the Glee cast for season 3. The winner gets a seven episode arc this season, with the possibility for a full season pick-up if people like their character. Thousands of people auditioned, and The Glee Project follows the top 12.


Here's why. (It's the same reason I love the Glee concerts.) It's JUST singing, dancing, and acting. No issues forced down our throats. Just super talented kids who love to sing and perform and want to be on their favorite show.

A typical episode goes like this:

* Homework assignment. They kids get a theme for the week (ie. Individuality, Danceability, Pairability, etc) and a song they have to perform for a Glee actor/judge. They've had Blaine, Mike Chang, Coach Beiste, Tina, Dave Karofsky, Puck, Lauren Zizes, and Idina Menzel as judges so far.

The kids each sing a part of the song for the judge and the judge chooses the person they think stood out the most. That person gets 1) extra footage in the weekly music video (more on that in a minute) and 2) personal one-on-one training and practice time with that week's Glee judge. Sweet.

* Vocal recording. One by one, the kids go into the studio and sing the song for their weekly video shoot.

* Choreography. Zach Woodlee, who is the Glee choreographer, teaches these kids the moves they'll need to know for their video shoot.

* Weekly music video! The best part. All the kids get make-up, hair, wardrobe, etc. to look all spiffy and then shoot a music video that also goes with that week's theme. Here's one of my favs. They covered "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister (the theme that week was "Theatricality"):

Another favorite was during the Pairability week. They paired the contestants up and each got to make their own video. These two covered "Don't You Want Me" by The Human League:

Fun tidbit: the video director told the girl (Marissa) to secretly kiss the guy (Samuel) at the end of the song. Samuel was totally not expecting it. All the other Glee Project kids were in another room, watching them film their video and when Marissa kissed him, they all gasped and freaked out. It was awesome.

* Bottom 3. After the video, the kids are brought together and told who is in the bottom 3 that week. Those 3 are assigned a song and have 2 hours to practice it before they do a "last chance performance".

* Last Chance Performance. Also known as: Ryan Murphy's Pompous Time. Ok so Ryan Murphy is the creator, main writer, producer, and sometimes director or Glee. It's his baby. I get it. But the man has such a God-complex! Dang. He's like the American version of Simon Cowell. Maybe in real life he's nice, but on the show he comes across as arrogant, blunt, intimidating, egotistical, and Mr. Top Dog In Hollywood. It's hard to watch the way he talks to these kids. I'd probably wet my pants if I had to sing a song in front of him.

* Elimination. After the bottom 3 do their "last chance performances", Ryan, Zach (choreographer), and Robert (casting director) discuss and choose who will be going home that week. It is revealed to the kids and there's a lot of tears and hugging. And then the episode ends with the cast-off singing "Keep Holding On" while the other ones sing back-up.

As of now, there are only 4 contestants left.

I must quickly share my saddest moment. *SPOILER ALERT* My favorite since Day 1 has been Cameron. He is the tall, skinny blond guy with glasses. He came onto the scene with his beautiful voice and his adorable nerdiness and I was sold. Did you see him in the Twisted Sister video WORKING that David Bowie look? Woooo! Love him.

Well sadly, two Sundays ago Cameron quit. He was getting uncomfortable with all the kissing and sexy stuff because he has a girlfriend back home. And I think he just realized it wasn't for him. Because let's be honest, if he got on Glee, his character will kiss many girls and possibly have sex with them. (Grrrr Ryan Murphy...)

On one hand, I am selfish and sad because I loved watching him on the show every week and wanted him to win. But on the other hand, I am SO proud of him. He made the decision and did what he felt was right in his heart. Even if it meant giving up a huge opportunity. And he was up against all this peer pressure that was telling him to stay. But he stayed strong and went home with dignity, saying The Glee Project was the best experience of his life. He made 11 new amazing friends. He got to sing and play his guitar and share with the world his love of music. He even made Ryan Murphy consider putting a Christian kid on Glee (Cameron was always upfront and real about his faith). Such a cool guy. I will miss seeing him on TGP but maybe he will have a career aside from Glee. Here's his goodbye video.

Anyway, just wanted to share my love for this show. It has redeemed summer tv for me. I'm looking forward to seeing who wins and how they are incorporated into Glee.

And now Amy (and anyone else watching the show), time to hear YOUR thoughts!


New Branch said...

seriously! we just left glee caps for glee project caps. i love it. and i've been dying to discuss ryan murphy. you described him to perfection. i've been shocked on numerous occasions to hear that man talk. he must think very highly of himself. and while there are times when he can cut thru the facade and see the heart of a contestant (trying to hard, pretending to be something they're not, getting an attitude that they're better than others) most of the time, i'm just shocked to hear him think he's so great. and his tone and voice remind me of the lame girls in 8th grade who thought they were so cool and talked down to everyone else...but really, they were lame.

also, i love cameron! so cute and geeky. i want my boys to grow up to be like him. although i also like samuel...could just be the name. and i can't stand alex. he's a muppet to me. and lindsey's voice is awesome! and i made david watch the show once and he didn't believe that the midget man was really that tall/short. i forget his name. and hannah is so sweet. the sexy panda bear. love it!

Smarshie said...

Yes, that's exactly how I feel about Ryan Murphy. His voice and tone make it sound like he thinks very highly of himself and he is talking down to you. Like you are barely worthy of his notice or attention.

Samuel is my second fav. If Cameron couldn't win, I want Samuel to win. He has the most intense eyes. My friend said he is very exotic-looking. I agree.

I don't care for Alex either. He has an amazing voice, but he is too diva-ish for my taste.

Lindsay, hands down, has the best voice. I know a lot of people don't like her, but I do.

Matheus is 4'9".

I love Hannah! Sexy koala bear. Skadoosh.

Damian seems sweet and has a good voice. But I'm not sure if he can act and we all know he can't dance. Poor guy. =)

I actually miss Marissa and McKynleigh. I thought their voices were awesome.