Thursday, August 11, 2011

progressive dinner

Last night was our last Wednesday night for the summer (with the college group). Intern Scott came up with an idea: let's do a progressive dinner. I have never done one before, have you? You go to one house for appetizers, another house for the main course, and a third house for dessert. How cool!

To make it more fun (and because I can never pass up an opportunity to dress up in costume), I decided to be Flo from the Progressive commercials.

I've had SO many people tell me I remind them of Flo. Or Flo reminds them of me. In fact a year and a half ago, I made a video to audition to be Flo's assistant in a commercial. I didn't get chosen of course, but it was still fun.

Anyway, I dressed up as Flo (wore my black Converse shoes, bought a white apron, wore a white collared shirt, made a "Flo" nametag and I Heart Insurance button, wore a blue headband, ratted my hair in the back and put on bright red lipstick. When students showed up, I'd approach them enthusiastically, "WELCOME TO THE PROGRESSIVE DINNER!" (And then I'd ask them questions about their car insurance.)

Most of the students got it and loved it. A few students gave me weird looks like, "Why is Sarah wearing an apron? Is she cooking for us tonight?"

We headed to our first stop. A girl hosted us at her condo's pool for potato skin appetizers and iced tea.

Our second stop was 20 minutes away at another girl's house where we had pasta, salad, and bread. Everything was home-made and SO delicious.

Our last stop was ice cream sundaes at the intern house (which is located on the church property). We gave hugs and said goodbye to summer. Now we are on break till our Fall Kick-Off Sept. 7th. Intern Scott and I are going to use these couple weeks to plan and prepare for the fall semester.

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New Branch said...

you're cuter than flo. and you have a better name.