Thursday, June 30, 2011

first softball game

Today was my first game in the summer softball league I joined. I thought I'd share with you how it went.

First off, I went to the wrong place. I parked and walked around, not seeing anyone on the field. I called my coach and he told me they were at a different location. And that they were all waiting for me so they could start the game. Eek! I jumped back in my car and flew there.

When I got there, there was a frantic 5 minutes of trying to meet the people on my team, put my new jersey on, learn the rules, and realize I forgot to pack a baseball cap (ie. the sun will be in my eyes).

The game began! We had 14 people on our team and only needed 9 or 10 in the field. I was SO okay not playing defense my first game. But our team only had 3 girls and that is the minimum required for co-ed the 3 of us HAD to play. They put me as catcher. No big deal, right? I'll catch and throw.

I did okay. In the 2nd inning, my teammate at third base threw the ball to someone near me, but missed and it hit me in the left calf. Owwww. I had turned around to go back behind the plate so I totally didn't see it coming. I am currently typing this on my stomach (on my bed) with an ice pack on my calf. Big ol' bruise. But hey, no pain no gain.

When it came for me to bat for the first time, I was freaking out. I went up to my coach and said, "Ok Coach Doug. What do you want me to do?" He told me to "swing away" and I have no idea what that means. I nodded though as if I totally knew and walked to the plate. I swung and missed on the first pitch.

The second one came at me and I hit it. Not far but I hit it. But at the moment my arms extended with the bat's movement, my left shoulder popped out of place! Owww. It hurt so bad. I stood there for a millisecond, focusing on the pain. Then I realized everyone was screaming at me to run. RUN!!!

My shoulder was making my whole arm crooked in a weird angle. My arm and hand were twisted up toward my face. But I had to run! So I did. My right arm went back and forth while I ran (like normal). But my other arm just stayed in that awkward position. I looked like a cripple.

At first base, I popped my shoulder back into place. I felt pretty BA.

After a couple innings, they switched me to right field. Finally! No one hits to right field, so I would be safe. However, as the game went on, we realized the other team had a lot of lefties. So a ton of balls were coming my way and I was not doing well.

So they switched me to center field.

My second time up at bat, I again swung and missed the first pitch. The second one I hit as a foul. The third I swung and the ball foot. Seriously. It barely tapped my bat and went one foot in front of home plate. Oh well, gotta run. I ran like heck to first base.

But then the most embarrassing thing happened.

As you know, I was sick all last week. I was well enough to go to work this week, but I'm still dealing with my nose. As in needing to blow it all the time.

So I'm running to first base and Coach Doug was there, holding out a hand to give me a high five. As soon as my foot hit base, I was so relieved I made it on a one-foot-hit ball, I meant to laugh and slap his hand. But my nose decided at that moment to shoot a HUGE gob of snot from my right nostril onto my face. GROSS! Ahhhh!

We lost 13-6.

Things I need for next week: cleats (everyone wore them except me), a glove (I had to borrow Coach Doug's), baseball cap, tissues in a pocket in case something embarrassing happens again, and some confidence.


New Branch said...

haha i LOVE IT! these will be my new glee-caps. softball-caps. i love imagining your long limbs flying all over the place as you run. and i already love coach doug. just for being named coach doug. swing away sarah.

Jody said...

Oh my Gosh! That is an amazing story.