Friday, June 01, 2012

the year of the bow and arrow

Who knew the most popular tool/weapon/recreational activity of 2012 would be archery? It's all over pop culture.

Katniss in the Hunger Games:

Once Upon a Time (both Snow White and the Hot Huntsman/Hot Sheriff):

Hawkeye in The Avengers:

Even the new Pixar movie coming out soon has a redheaded heroine who is skilled with the bow and arrow.

Here's a fun clip I just watched from "Brave". This movie looks so good!


Smarshie said...

Ooooo I just thought of something else. The Hobbit comes out in December. Maybe Legolas (with his bow and arrow) will make a cameo? ;-)

New Branch said...

you are perceptive...and hilarious. thank you.