Monday, June 04, 2012

Comedy Sportz

Have you ever been to Comedy Sportz? Let me back up. Have you ever watched the tv show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" There are 4 players who do improvisational skits/games for laughs and points. Comedy Sportz is all over the US and you sit in a theater and yell out random things and the 4 players have to use that in their scenes.

I went the other night and there was this one game called "Dirty Hand Randy". We gave the players categories and they had to say things in that category (For example, if the category was "Colors", they'd say "Red", "Purple", "Yellow" etc.) If they made a mistake or couldn't think of any more things that fit that category, they had to put a hand up. When both hands were up, that player was out of the game and the audience yelled "Dirty Hand Randy". (I have no idea why).

Intern Scott yelled out this category: "Nicholas Cage characters!" (in movies). You can hear him laughing next to me.


New Branch said...

RAISING ARIZONA! and duh national treasure 2 and 3. haha

Smarshie said...