Tuesday, May 29, 2012

sea otters

My parents are staying in a town near me for a 3 day conference. With my father in meetings, my mom and I spent the day together. The highlight of the day? Sea otters.

There is a special cove about 30 minutes away where a bunch of sea otters chill every afternoon. We went to go say hi. It was fun because after about 10 minutes of just laying on their backs, they all just started swimming to the left. For no reason. Just cause they could.

I caught it on my ghetto camera. (Just a heads up, it was very windy so it's a bit loud.)


New Branch said...

this is so COOL! is this in santa cruz?! it reminds me of swimming with the turtles in maui.

Smarshie said...

It's in Moss Landing, between Santa Cruz and Monterey. Next time you guys come to town, we'll go visit them.

(And yes, I totally wanted to jump in and swim with them like the turtles in Maui!)