Saturday, May 26, 2012

Season Finale

At the end of every school year, the college group has our "Season Finale". We pile everyone into cars and drive to a Christmas tree farm in the mountains. I used to work at the farm for a couple years when I first moved to the area and have stayed in touch with the owners. For the past 3 years, they have invited us to come out and spend the evening at their place.

We always have such a good time. This year we did a potluck so everyone brought yummy dishes of food. Then we piled into Farmer Rob's hay wagon and he drove us up to the top of a hill. And THEN we spent a glorious hour sliding down the hill on cardboard. Here are some pictures and video from the fun night.

We called this box "the coffin". You could fit two people in there, but barely.

I love this next video because of the horse at the end. Farmer Rob has two horses and one of them had his eyes covered. Basically to keep the flies away. But we joked the whole night that he was blind. So these students slide down the hill screaming and the poor blind horse has his head up, but can't see them. He's just like, "WHAT is going on?"

This final video is thanks to Intern Scott. He had the idea to put one student in the coffin sideways and then have people (on cardboard) on either side hold it as they all slid down together. Let's see if this worked:

Anyway, the semester is OVER. I am officially on vacation and do not have to work for a whole week. Thank the Lord.


New Branch said...

these are hilarious. almost as funny as the sound your camera makes each time you zoom....

Smarshie said...

I apologize for my ghetto camera that also takes videos.

On the plus side, it's waterproof if I ever want to take underwater pictures!