Thursday, November 17, 2011

trivia night

My roomates and I have started a new tradition. There is a pizza place downtown that has Trivia Nights every Thursday. You get in groups of 2-6 people and come up with team name. There are 4 rounds, 6 questions a round.

The trick is to get different people on your team. One person who knows history. One who knows science. Entertainment/pop culture. Geography. Literature. Your combined brain power helps you answer the most questions correctly.

Here's hoping Turd Ferguson (our team name) wins it all tonight!


Smarshie said...

P.S. I just want everyone to know that as I was typing this, I felt something on my shin. I looked and saw a ladybug had somehow gotten inside my jeans. EW.

New Branch said...

i'm laughing at the great name. did turd fergie win?

Smarshie said...

We sadly did not do well this time. I feel like they asked really hard questions. BUT Intern Scott goes every Thursday with some college stduents and they have won two weeks in a row! They call themselves "Mother Teresa's Army". They've got God on their side. We only have Burt Reynolds on ours.