Friday, November 18, 2011

to seminary or not to seminary

This past year I have been seriously thinking (and praying) about going to seminary. There is one about 45 minutes away that many of the pastors at my church and a couple friends have gone to and liked. I went to their "Preview Day" back in May and felt like it would be a good fit. I am interested in two of their Masters programs: Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership or Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies.

The problem is finances.

Seminary is dang expensive. We're talking $445 a unit. So if I want to take 6 units a semester, that is $2670 I need to magically appear in my bank account every six months.

I appealed to my boss, wrote a letter, and he presented it to the board at my church. It was my hope that they could approve some money starting in 2012 for staff who want to go to seminary. My boss said the board seemed interested in the idea...but all churches are struggling financially right now, so they're not sure what they can do. I'll know Jan. 1st what they decide.

I know it's a lot of money but it would go toward a great cause. It will equip me to be a better minister, shepherd, teacher, and leader. (I especially want to take more bible classes because my students ask me really hard questions and I don't always know how to answer them.)

I'll keep praying. If God wants me at seminary, I'll be there.

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