Wednesday, November 16, 2011

donations accepted

I'm not a homeless person, I swear. But I WILL take any money offered to me this Saturday.

Our church has been raising money for Second Harvest Food Bank. SHFB provides food for hundreds of thousands of family in the Bay Area. And with the recession, more families are in need than ever before.

The church's goal is one million pounds of food. (*cue Dr. Evil's pinky to mouth*) 1 dollar = 3 pounds of food. Which means our church is trying to raise $333,333. We started the food drive 6 weeks ago. It's been so fun to hear stories. Kids are doing lemonade stands or car washes. Families are having garage sales. People are re-budgeting their income to set aside extra cash for the food drive every week.

This Saturday, myself and some of my college students will be going downtown and setting up a station. Some of them are going to play music for donations and I will be making friendship bracelets (either I will make them or I will teach people to make one themselves). 100% of donations will be given to the food drive.

I've never done anything like this before. I always see people downtown either asking for spare change or sitting on a blanket selling stuff - art, jewelry, photography, etc. I hope people see what the cause is for (we'll have signs) and get excited about what we're doing.

All money for the drive is due Sunday. And then they'll reveal how much we raised the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear the results.

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