Sunday, November 13, 2011

it is decided

I have not been giving my little blog much love or attention lately. Therefore, it has been decided that I will blog every single day this week. Maybe it will be deep thoughts. Maybe it will be fluff. Regardless, come check it out.

I will start by saying that the ladybugs are back. I have lived in this room for 8 years now and they come back every November like clockwork.

I keep thinking it's starting to rain, but's just them hitting my windows, trying to get inside my room. A few are flying around my head as I type this. Good times.

All right blogger friends, let's see where this week takes us!


Susannah said...


also, you have random google sidebar ads. like about psychics and wizards. maybe too much hp talk?

New Branch said...

yay for daily blog posts. also do any other roommates get the lady bug phenom?

Anonymous said...

I love my sister! Blog away girl!!!!! ;D

- Scarcely Comments Sister

Smarshie said...

Sooz, I know what you mean. I think it picks up on key words in my blog. I just looked and saw ads for Disneyworld and Harry Potter. I should blog about something random just to see what it does.

Aim, yes, Jenna my upstairs roomie has also gotten her share of the ladybugs. And yesterday, there were a million flying around our house. Some got into the downstairs area. But mostly they love my room. I think I shared my bed with a few last night.

Hi Lizzie! So fun to see your comment!!

New Branch said...

liz, what are you doing over here. meet you back on the newbranch :)

Susannah said...

today on fb my friend erin (who lives in santa rosa) said she had found 7 ladybugs in her house in the last two hours!! so you have a friend!