Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Mamacita

I have the best mother in the world.


How did I get so lucky?

Today my mom turned 65. This picture was taken at her birthday dinner on Saturday. I'd like to take a moment and say how hott she is. 65? Yeah right. She looks 45. Total babe.

Let's start by talking about how amazing she is to have birthed 4 kids!! I can't imagine squeezing ONE "watermelon out of a straw" (as my sister says) let alone FOUR. Good lord. She said by the fourth kid, she was reaching down and helping the doctor pull my youngest sister out.

Which brings me to the next part - how wonderful it is to have a mom who's a nurse. Nothing fazes her. Between her four kids and working at a hospital for 40 years, she's seen and weathered it all. Snot, puke, diarrhea, fevers, bruises, mononucleosis (that would be me), broken bones, stitches, bronchitis, fingers stuck in bedroom doors or car doors, sprains, scratches, chicken pox, pneumonia, the common cold, etc. You name it. If we were ever hurt or sick, we didn't have to worry. Mom knew just what to do.

She and my dad have been married 43 years. She loves my dad and has always been a supportive partner and helpmate to him. They live and enjoy life side-by-side. She has shown me through example of how to be a godly wife.

I mentioned this at her birthday dinner, but something my mother excels at is hospitality. Any person who walks in her front door is instantly family. It doesn't matter if you are someone she's known her whole life, a friend of one of her daughter's, or a stranger off the street. You are welcomed, cared for, and loved. The house I grew up in is not huge but it is full of love and memories. A huge part of that was due to my mom's gracious and selfless heart.

Now let's talk about her cooking. I didn't realize till after college (when I had to learn to cook for myself) how awesome my mom's cooking was. I don't know where she got her recipes but they are so good. Fresh ingredients, homemade sauces, soups, salads, and more. And she had to cook for 6 people every night! How did she do it? She's also a fantastic baker. (I just gained five pounds thinking about her Christmas goodies)

When I was growing up, my mom supported my sisters and I in everything we did. She came to our class parties, choir concerts, dance recitals, plays or musicals, award ceremonies, etc. And if we ever needed to have a party or get together, she planned something fun and memorable.

There were so many times I came home from a bad day at school or after a fight with a friend. My mom was there. She hugged me and let me cry my eyes out. She would jokingly ask if I wanted her to beat them up. I couldn't help but giggle, thinking about my mom going out with fists flying.

Vacations were a priority. She and my dad knew the value of making memories together. I have fond memories of going boating with my mom at our summer family camp, her mooning our whole family in Hawaii, and watching her freak out inside a broken elevator in Spain.

She instilled in us a love of learning and reading. At the dinner table growing up, if we were stumped on something, she jumped up and grabbed an encyclopedia or the globe so we could find the answer. Instead of buying a video game system, she would drive us to the library or big bookstore 10 minutes away. We'd spend summers reading or swimming at her friend's pool. We were smart and healthy.

Years ago, when I went through the hardest time of my life, she took care of me, spent time with me, even took me away on a two day retreat so I didn't have to think about things. I look back on that time and am beyond thankful for her gentleness, listening ear, and servant's spirit.

I'd also like to mention that she goes to Ethiopia every year (sometimes twice a year) to love and provide medical attention for kids and adults. She doesn't raise support - she pays all the money herself. To give up weeks of work and life to go to a third world country and show them the love of Jesus.

Today I celebrate her 65 years of life. She has been a blessing to me and so many others. I am so thankful for her. Happy birthday Mamacita!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. As much as I enjoy reading your blog, and as much as I LOVE your sister Amy, I'm certain that I'd love your mom too. Three cheers for Mom:
Hip-hip Hooray!
Hip-hip Hooray!
Hip-hip Hooray!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah's mom! You raised an amazing daughter, and from what she says, you're pretty amazing yourself. =)

New Branch said...

being a mom myself, i can now totally confirm...our mom is supernatural. theres no way shes real.