Friday, April 08, 2011

busy bee

Hi friends. I haven't blogged all week because things have been super busy. Two main reasons.

1) This week was spring break for my college students so we helped out at an after-school program about 30 minutes away. We tutored middle schoolers and high schoolers with their math, science, whatevah. These kids don't live in the greatest neighborhoods and many get involved in gangs, so it's so cool to see there is a safe place for them to get help with their homework and play games outside when they're done. (For the high schoolers, they're building a coffeehouse)

2) My intern will be here TOMORROW! Holy crap, after 15 months of not having an intern...we finally have one. And he will be here in 24 hours. He's driving out from Kansas. Although he's originally from Ohio. But lived the past 7 years in Nashville, Tennessee. It's complicated. But anyways, hooray! So when I haven't been tutoring kiddos, I've been getting Intern Scott's office space and room in the intern house ready. It was taking way longer that I planned, but oh well.

I hope you all had a great week! Enjoy your lovely weekend.


Amy said...

As someone who is from Kansas and lives in Ohio, I would be interested to find out more about your intern. Depending on where they are from, I may actually KNOW them! :)

Smarshie said...

No way, that's so cool, Amy! He lived in Kansas the past 6-8 months finishing up his masters degree. He grew up in Mount Vernon, Ohio. It's a little northeast of Columbus. Have you heard of it?