Friday, February 25, 2011

still sick

Yup, I've been sick all week. Boo. I was luckily feeling ok enough to go to work on Wednesday but other than that, I've been at home and in bed. I should have been using this down-time to read (I'm in the middle of 5 books) but instead I've been wasting my time away on the interwebs. Here are some things I discovered this week:

* Charlie Sheen is crazy.

* College boys are funny. (These guys are from University of Arkansas)

* I found a new favorite quote from twitter:

"Legalism says do so that you can become. Grace says you already are, so act like it." -Lauren Lankford

* 30 Rock continues to make me laugh week after week (after week).

* It might snow tonight at sea level. That's where I live. Everyone is freaking out. I have a feeling if it doesn't, people are going to be severely disappointed.

* Glee just released the two original songs they will be singing at Regionals. The first is called "Loser Like Me" and is upbeat and fun. The second is a Rachel ballad called "Get It Right". I once again just have to say Lea Michele's voice is flawless.

* The Academy Awards are this Sunday at 5 pm. You gonna watch?


New Branch said...

i think i saw cousin floyd in that katy perry video. and 30 rock is comic awesomeness.

Smarshie said...

I agree, sister. Thank you for turning me into a 30 Rock fan. I owe it all to you and your hubby.

And thank you for being my only commenter nowadays. I'm not sure where everyone went but I love reading your comments. xoxo