Tuesday, February 08, 2011

GLEE-cap #12

Love is in the air at McKinley High. Or is it? It seemed that for a Valentine's Day episode, there should have been a lot more relationship lovin' and not so much relationship drama. I didn't love this ep, but I found 10 things I could share that were good.


10) Puck watching Lauren eating the box of chocolates he gave her in "Geometry, or English, or something". After class is over, Lauren goes up to Puck.

"Stare at me again, and I'll break your nuts. Also, the candies you gave me? They sucked." -Lauren

"But you ate all of them." -Puck

"I had to make sure they all sucked." -Lauren

9) After Finn tells the glee club he is going to open a kissing booth and charge a dollar a smooch, Santana says, "I've kissed Finn and can I just say...not worth a buck. I would, however, pay a hundred dollars to jiggle one of his man-boobs." (This one was my favorite line of the episode!)

8) When Finn opens his kissing booth, and Becky steps up with her money and a big grin saying, "I want tongue."

7) Artie singing "PYT". Artie - you get TWO Michael songs in one week, brotha. That is awesome. (Brittany: "That's my man and his legs don't work!") And Mike Chang? Everytime you dance, I am mesmerized. You even rocked the moonwalk. I heart both you boys.

6) Finn giving Rachel the gold star necklace (even if it was from Christmas). Awhhhh...

5) "Look, you made your point. I'm sort of a b---h. But I'm willing to change. I won't tell Lauren to look out for poachers who might mistake her for the endangered white rhino." -Santana to Puck

4) "When I Get You Alone" - Blaine singing to Jeremiah, the GAP sweater-folder. The first time I heard this song, I was like, "meh". But I listened to it again and really liked it! The Warblers always sound so good. But I didn't really want to watch Blaine stalking/chasing a guy around the store. Weird!

3) Rachel singing "Firework" in the hallways, while everyone held sparklers. And she was singing into her hairbrush again, too! Even though I'm sad she and Finn are not together, I hope this means the diva-singing Rachel is back!

2) Kurt with his red microphone in Breadstix. "To all the singles out there...this is our year." PREACH.

1) "Silly Love Songs" by Blaine and the Warblers. A perfect choice of song to end the Valentine's Day episode. I loved when Blaine looked at Lauren and Puck and sang, "Love doesn't come in a minute" and then he looked at Santana and sang, "Sometimes it doesn't come at all." His face and her reaction are CLASSIC.

Now here are some things I didn't like in this episode:

* Finn and Quinn. Um, hello season 1, good to see you again? Actually, it's not. You two had your chance, move on. I hated that Finn wanted to get Quinn to kiss him, even though he knows she's dating Sam. And why can't she just break up with Sam instead of cheating on him and meeting Finn in the auditorium? (Which by the way is NOT a discreet place to play hide-and-kiss)

* the hallway smackdown between Satan, I mean Santana, and Lauren. Doesn't ANYBODY get suspended for fighting anymore? When Sam and Karofsky were punching each other in the boys locker room a few episodes back, neither of them got in trouble. And after this cat fight, Coach Beiste just tells Lauren to "knock it off and get going"? Where is the discipline, high schools of America?

* Tina breaking down during her song for Mike. WTH? I was so confused during that whole scene.

* Santana's candy striper outfit. Ew. Just ew. And giving Finn and Quinn mono? So mean!

* "Don't they (Harry and Sally) get together at the end?" -Blaine to Kurt, referencing they'll be like the characters from When Harry Met Sally. Thank you Glee writers for making it so obvious, when we already know what's going to happen. You don't have to spell it out for us.

What are your thoughts from the episode?


Anonymous said...

Santana looked hot as all hell in that outfit. Don't be jealous

Smarshie said...

I'm not jealous, I just thought it was inappropriate to have a high school girl walking around the hallways in that get-up.

New Branch said...

i loved seeing britnay and santana in real clothes. britnay wears cute hats. and she had another great line of the night, in the beginning when mr shue was like, we have a new word for the day. 'is it love? i'm so gonna graduate now!'-britany