Sunday, February 06, 2011

GLEE-cap #11

Well friends, it has been two long months since we've had a new episode of GLEE. But tonight after the Superbowl (good job, Packers) we were treated to a brand new one. Ahh, how I missed those gleeks and their beautiful voices and funny lines.


10) The opening number got things started right away. While "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry played in the background, the Cheerios came out with bright blue wigs, bikini tops, and hula hoops made of fire. Amidst that chaos were some BMX dudes going to town with their bike tricks. And after the finale of megaphone bras that shot sparks, Sue got on her megaphone and said, "I'm BORED." I laughed heartily.

9) Sue's journal and inner monologue: "I am in crisis. Not even the 'can't-lose' combination of boobs and fire can get me anymore. Is it the raccoon hormones my new doctor gave me? Maybe. Here I am, 31..."

8) Rachel and Puck's duet "I Need You Now" was lovely. I don't think we've ever heard a song from just the two of them. I thought their voices blended really well. And I liked how Puck was staring the football players down while he sang. Oh and I also loved Rachel screaming and kicking her red tights at the football guys after they finished their song.

7) So many great Sue moments. Sue loses it in Figgins' office, starts throwing things around with dramatic music playing. Mr. Schuester is telling Coach Beiste, "I'm telling you. I wish you could have seen it..." when all of a sudden, the dramatic music begins again and Sue is in the boys locker room, throwing towels and balls all over the place.

6) "The Glee club together with the football team? It's like a double rainbow. A zombie double rainbow" -Brittany. And then Sue coming out of a stall and talking about her 2 pm ninja poops. Oh my ga.

5) Can we all agree that "Bills, Bills, Bills" was just an excuse to give us viewers some more Blaine lovin'? And I'm ALL for it. Side note: can I please have coffee with Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, and Blaine? Thanks.

4) The girls joining the football team? Really? Once again, I have to send reality through the window with this show. I don't think there is a high school on earth that would allow girls to play TACKLE football with guys. However, I did like Rachel and Tina trying to speak around their huge mouthguards ("Who's Judy?") and Lauren telling the opposite team they're going to die.

3) "Thriller/Heads Will Roll" mash-up! Artie on main vocals, the zombie make-up and costumes, the dance moves, the marching band, and seeing my sister Emily in certain shots of the crowd (she was an extra for this scene) all added up to make this my favorite number of the episode. I'm actually glad they didn't do the Michael Jackson dance moves to this song. They took his classic song and gave it their own spin.

2) After the Cheerios lose regionals (after 6 straight wins), Katie Couric is kind enough to tell Sue she has been named "Loser of the Year". And here are the people she beat for that title: the economy, Mel Gibson, the housing market, Dina Lohan, Wall Street, Tiger Woods, the Dallas Cowboys, Brett Favre's cell phone, nine percent unemployment rate and Sparky Lohan (Dina Lohan's dog).


What did you guys think of the episode? And did you know we only have to wait 2 more days to see another new one? Woohoo! It's back every Tuesday starting this week.


David Nyquist said...

'i thought the girl with the mohawk had a good voice' - football dude

New Branch said...

wait that was supposed to be from me. but it's funnier that it looks like it came from husband...who never watches the show. haha

Smarshie said...

Oh my gosh, if David ever left a comment like yours about GLEE on my blog, I might keel over.

I also forgot to put I liked the guys singing and practicing their zombie moves in the auditorium.

And I liked how all the hockey guys had mullets.