Friday, February 11, 2011

give us the pretty red bow!

We started a new series at the college group this week. We're calling it Controversies of the Christian Faith. We're going to talk about four controversies that are facing Christians (or the church) today. But we are going to do it non-biasedly. Whoever speaks that night will present both sides without bias. Then the students will choose the side they most resonate with and move to that side of the room. And then they will receive some "devil's advocate" questions. Those will help them figure out how to defend what they believe.

It was so fun to see their heads explode on Wednesday night. Well, it was fun for me. They were beyond frustrated. "Sarah, just tell us what to believe!" Nope. "Sarah, tell us which side you would go to!" No way. It struck me that they have not been in situations like this before at church. Their whole life, they've been spoken to, preached at, and told what to believe. To suddenly have both sides of a big issue shown to them and they have to choose what they believe (and not only that, but how to defend their beliefs)...well, let's just say their eyes were rolling back into the heads.

Wednesday's topic? Absolute truth vs. Relative truth. Is there absolute truth for everyone? Or is all truth relative to each individual person, their life, and their experiences?

At the end of the night I said, "You guys are in college. You are intellectually challenged every day in your classes. Why can't we do that spiritually? This series is going to be eye-opening, infuriating, and growing. You are going to take a stand for something. You are going to hear and respect the other side's views. We are going to learn from each other. And at the end of each teaching night, I'm not going to wrap up the talk with a pretty red bow. I want you guys to go home and continue wrestling with what you hear and talk about tonight. Talk to God, be honest with him, allow yourself to struggle."

"Sarah, give us the pretty red bow!"

"No. This is good for you."

*college students grumbling*


Jody said...

I LOVED this series. It is so so important and I'm glad you're doing it again.

Smarshie said...

Jodes! I totally forgot you were there when we last did this series. We haven't done it in a couple years so I figured it was time to dust it off and do it again. I'm glad you liked it and I hope the students are liking it, too.