Thursday, December 02, 2010

GLEE-cap #9

New Directions headed to Sectionals! And a lot of drama led up to it. Did anyone else feel like so much happened in this episode?! Well fellow gleeks, grab your magic combs and your Cadbury creme eggs and let's begin.


10) "But we all know you can do it." -Artie, trying to encourage Brittany when she's nervous for Sectionals.

" And I know that I can't. Just like I know the cricket that reads to me at night is totally stealing my jewelry." -Brittany

Can we just go ahead and say that Brittany had all the best lines in this ep? ("If we lose, we should throw possums", thinking "adultery" meant being stupid, like a "dolt", and sharing that she goes to motocross practice). I love her. And I would NEVER have put her and Artie together. But they are actually very sweet.

9) "I want you to use that madness to recruit a new member. Glee needs you to be its ambassador." -Mr. Schuester

"More like its am-badass-ador." -Puck

8) Glee club has a new member now that Kurt is gone. Lauren Zizes. Previously we have seen her as the head of the A/V team at school and rigging the choir room with microphones (so Rachel could find out who was and was not singing during practices), being a part of the Single Women's Club that Sue takes Rachel to, pretending to be a vampire and biting Jacob Ben Israel's neck with some other girls, and screaming about wanting to have Mr. Schuester's babies in the gym while he and the glee club sang "Toxic". She rescues Puck from the port-a-potty ("Buddha! Allah! Satan! Help me!") and gets recruited for the Glee club. She also gets 7 minutes in heaven with Puck. Win-win, Lauren!

7) I LOVED Rachel and Kurt's rendition of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". I love every time these two sing together. Defying Gravity, their Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy mash-up, and now this. I laughed out loud when Kurt raised his hands, and Blaine showed him to put them down with closed eyes and a small shake of his head. I thought it was so funny! But then I thought about it, and it made me sad. Dalton is all about fitting in, looking the same, no individualism. And that is everything Kurt is not. So although he won't get bullied at Dalton, he doesn't really get to be himself. Hmmmm.

6) Speaking of Dalton, the Warblers were able to redeem the most over-played song of 2009 and 2010: "Hey Soul Sister". (Did we not hear that song way too much on the radio and TV commercials?) But their acappella skillz once again come to the song's rescue. I especially enjoyed how their voices sounded like the ukulele opening. Kurt looked a bit uncomfortable, Puck looked mad, Rachel was beaming, and Mr. Schue looked like he had fallen asleep with his eyes open. Blink, Schue! Blink!

5) Whoa! Mr. Schuester loses it not once, but twice with his glee clubbers. Once in the choir room - "Take that off! (Rachel's tape) I'm tired of this! You have a terrible attitude! - and once before they went on stage at Sectionals - "Enough! Listen to yourselves! I'm ashamed of you!" Much needed smackdown? Or too harsh? You decide.

4) "Best. Green Room. EVER." -Lauren (this was another moment when I laughed out loud)

3) Sam and Quinn singing "I've Had The Time Of My Life". Dang, with Jennifer Grey winning Dancing With The Stars and now Glee covering this song, Dirty Dancing has been getting a lot of love lately. (RIP Patrick Swayze *sob*) When Ken and Barbie came walking and singing down the aisle from the back, did anyone else have flashbacks to Finn and Rachel doing the same thing at Regionals singing "Faithfully"? Anyways, I liked their version of the song and it really WAS fun to see other people have a chance to shine (besides the Rachels, Finns, Mercedes, and Kurts).

2) Who the heck is "Valerie"? Should I know this song? Sorry Santana, I didn't really care much for your song. You know what I DID care about? Brittany and Mike Chang killin' it on the dance floor. Lordy, they were awesome!!

1) "Dog Days Are Over". Again, should I know this song? Oh well. I liked Mercedes and Tina singing it while the other Glee kids went into spastic fits of dancing fervor behind them. Oh and Sam, please don't ever imitate Michael Jackson again. Thanks.

A couple extra things to bring up. First: a tie at Regionals? Cop. Out. Come on, really? Second: now don't get me wrong, I love me some Uncle Jesse/Dr. Carl, but a shotgun wedding in Vegas? Didn't see that coming! Third and final: Finn and Rachel - done? Puck and Rachel - beginning again? Ack! What's going on?

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New Branch said...

yay for glee caps! okay comments i laughed out loud at am-bad-ass-ador and the cricket that is stealing brittany's jewelery. also, i found myself squealing during the performances this week. loved evita except it's a little freaky that kurt sounds so much like a girl. loved the sectional performances. come on the 'but goodies' (oldies but goodies) singing the living years. but also brittany and mike's dancing was incredible!! and then dog days! that's florence and the machine and she's british awesomeness and i loved hearing tina sing. and the editing of the song - looks exchanged between rachel and finn-and mr shue looking up- and emma hugging with the 'thoughtful look' it was all a great ending. and i have now decided that sam is their take on justin beiber. and mr shue needs to get a hold of himself. he's a hot headed loose cannon. pull yourself together man. and finally i think you're totally insightful about the kurt comment. his singing bird is showing him he might have to shed a few feathers to make a home there. interesting to see what will happen.

Ev. Junior said...

I laugh a LOT when Rachel said: "Ken and Barbie?" kkkkkkkkkkk Luv them!

baili said...

hi your blog is a wonderful place and writing is so amazing ,
i enjoyed a lot ,

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Smarshie said...

Amy, I keep hearing I need to check out Florence + the Machine. Make me a mix for Christmas!

Junior, I laughed when Rachel said that, too! =)

Hi Baili, welcome to the blog! I'll check out yours, too. God bless!