Monday, November 29, 2010

I ate. And then I ate some more.

Hi friends! How was your Thanksgiving?

I had a wonderful time with my family over the Thanksgiving break. I mostly just ate. Which ROCKS. So much good food. And I got to have lots of time with my nephew Judah. Which also ROCKS. It was his birthday a couple days before Thanksgiving, so I gave him some gifts. He got a puffy vest (so stylish), some sidewalk chalk, and play-doh. He calls it "Doh-doh".

The day after Thanksgiving, we drove up to the Christmas tree farm and chopped down a good lookin' douglas fir. It was actually sunny and the air was cold and crisp - I love it!

And now I'm back to work. And housesitting/dogsitting for a family that goes to my church. They have rats in the attic (I can hear them) and a major ant issue in the kitchen, but their dog is the sweetest thing. And super fluffy. She's like a live stuffed animal.

So....when's Christmas break?


New Branch said...

where is my glee cap
i'm dying to contribute

Smarshie said...

Haha! I knew you would be. It's coming. I couldn't do it yesterday because I had college group.