Thursday, November 25, 2010

GLEE-cap #8

Today is Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for so many things. Among the lesser important things is a little show called GLEE. Compared to my faith, family, and friends, it does not rank high on my list. But I'm thankful for it nonetheless. And it's time for a GLEE-cap, so...

First things first. Can Mr. Schuester sing at my wedding reception? Better yet, can Mr. Schuester be the one I MARRY on my wedding day? (providing he loves Jesus and all) Because when he sang "Sway" at Burt and Carol's reception, I wanted to die. Marry me, Matthew Morrison. And you can do that kick-the-microphone-down-and-back move anytime you want to.

Ok, lots to cover in this Glee-cap. Burt and Carol get married! More bullying for Kurt! Carol Burnett! Sue marries herself! Let's do this.


10) "I can't expel a kid for shoving. He'll just say, 'I didn't mean to shove that kid. I tripped.' That excuse works like a charm. I use it all the time." -Principal Sue Sylvester (by the way, did you see Mr. Schue rockin' the "Texas Tuxedo" in this scene? Blue jeans and a blue shirt? He's juz keepin' it real, y'all!)

9) I liked the girls-with-boyfriends-on-the-football-team meeting in the choir room. First because Rachel is again showing concern for others instead of always just focusing on herself. Secondly, because when Tina asked if Brittany and Artie were officially dating, Brittany said, "Deal with it" in her monotone voice. Amazing.

8) "Marcia? I bet people say you look 'man-ish'. But you know something? I think it's perfectly all right for a woman to be handsome." -Doris Sylvester (Sue's mom)

A little later Doris says, "But Susie I have to ask you, what is it with this ridiculous wedding? Have you given up on love? I mean when you were little, the other mothers used to tell me that you'd never find anybody. But I said, 'No no no no'. She's a perfectly okay child. She'll grow into her looks. And you know what? I believe you still might."

7) I LOVE the boys fighting Karofsky in the boys locker room. LOVED it. I loved them standing up for Kurt like that. Artie in his wheelchair. Mike Chang slamming Karofsky's locker and getting in his face. Sam throwing some punches before getting socked in the eye. (I was wondering why Puck didn't jump in - he always loves a good fight - but then I remembered he couldn't or he'll go back to juvy.) It's weird but I was so proud of the glee boys for doing that. Except for Finn. Dun-dun-DUN!! You punk, go defend your soon-to-be step brother!

6) My favorite song of the episode was "Marry You". I enjoyed everything about it. The song (everyone's voices sounded so good), the couples, the spinning, the dancing (including Burt and Carol), everything. Question: when the whole glee club was dancing down the aisle, was that the "Soulja Boy" dance I spotted? They're juz keepin' it real, y'all!

5) "We usually start with a prayer. But a certain young wedding planner, who shall remain nameless, was afraid that some in attendance might fall asleep." -the pastor (*Santana nudging Brittany who had fallen asleep standing up*)

4) The aforementioned "Sway" song by Mr. Schuester. See what happens when you stop doing rap songs, Schue? The ladies swoon. Good lord.

3) "In Glee club, whenever two of us got together, we got a nickname. Rachel and I are 'Finchel'. (*Rachel beams*) Rachel and Puck were 'Puckleberry'. (*Rachel grimaces and looks sideways to where Puck is sitting*) -Finn giving his toast

2) I liked the "Just The Way You Are" song Finn sang. But I never really understood who he was singing to. Kurt? His mom? Rachel? Anyone?

1) When Sue walks down the aisle (of the nursing home where her sister Jean lives) in her blue tracksuit wedding dress and Doris mutters, "Oh what in the g-d hell..." I think I was crying, I laughed so hard. Ahhh! The funny is too much!

Final thoughts. Finn needs to fess up to Rachel that he and Santana were together last season. Kurt needs to fess up that Karofsky kissed him. I am glad Kurt is transferring to Dalton. Even though that means he will be competing against New Directions at Sectionals. Weird.

Enough from my end. What did YOU think of the episode?

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New Branch said...

i couldn't wait for your post to comment. 1. LOVED mr shue's solo at the reception. best use of mr shue's voice i've ever heard. as i stated last week, i was slowly becoming a shue fan, and now i'm officially in. he was so precious. 2. i laughed so hard at the wedding aisle song and dance. i was laughing out loud and giddy, loved it. 3. really glad kurt is transfering because have you noticed this season has been ALL ABOUT KURT. get over your gay self. he's been the center of every episode. it's a bit much. enuf said