Sunday, December 05, 2010

'tis the season

I love the Christmas season. I don't really love winter, but I LOVE Christmas time. It is my favorite holiday. I used to have a roomate named Carrie who also loved Christmas. Anytime we did anything Christmas-y, she would say "Tis the season!"

We'd make popcorn on the stove and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. Carrie would say, "Tis the season!"

We'd play the Amy Grant Christmas album. "Tis the season!"

We'd do a Christmas gift exchange between the roomates (everyone picks someone's name from a hat). "Tis the season!"

You get the idea.

This year, there have been all sort of "Tis the season" moments already:

cutting down a Christmas tree for our house

Christmas caroling downtown

baking Christmas goodies

watching Christmas movies

Which "Tis the season" moments have you been enjoying lately?


Amy said...

Driving to work today in a snowstorm = 'tis the season. (Welcome to living near the Great Lakes!) :)

Smarshie said...

Oh no Amy, that does not sound fun.