Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GLEE-cap #2

I almost didn't do a GLEE recap this week. I disliked Tuesday night's episode. A lot. I was tempted to either do a "Top 10 Things I Disliked About GLEE" blog or just not do one at all in protest.

I didn't like Brittany dancing all over Dr. Carl in her see-through diamond unitard, I didn't like her dancing with a bunch of 9 year old boys in the red catsuit, I didn't like Kurt yelling at Mr. Schue, I didn't like Mr. Schuester dancing and singing with the kids at the pep assembly, I didn't like Jacob (with the big hair) being caught in the library by Sue (Ewww! I need soap for my eyes), I didn't like the Britney songs they covered (except Artie's), and the list goes on and on.

However, I finally decided I could find 10 small things that were ok. But I do it with a bit of sadness. GLEE, you're so much better than this episode...


10. I love John Stamos. He is ageless, yes? He looks the same as he did in his Full House days.

9. "This room looks like the one on that spaceship where I got probed." -Brittany in Uncle Jesse's, I mean, Dr. Carl's dentist office

8. "Please don't pull out all my teeth. When I smile, I'll look like a giant baby but with boobs." -Brittany

7. "Is this real life?" -Rachel waking up from anesthesia (great shout-out to David After Dentist)

6. "They're personifying you!" -Finn
"Objectifying..." -Rachel (in her "Baby One More Time" outfit at school)

5. I LOVED Artie's cover of "Stronger". I love Artie. And I loved the football players dancing behind him.

4. I liked the locker room scene where Finn was hugging Rachel in his football uniform and told her he'd throw a touchdown at the first game and then point to her in the stands so everyone would know she was his girlfriend.

3. "But do we ever have a treat for you." -Principal Figgins in a monotone voice at the pep assembly. "Fresh off their last place finish at regionals, please give it up for 'New Directions'."

2. "I'm gonna sue the pants off you, Will. I'm gonna take your house, your car, your extensive collection of vests. I mean seriously, you wear more vests than the cast of 'Blossom'." -Sue (probably my favorite quote of the night)

1. I liked Rachel's final song "The Only Exception". It was very sweet when Finn was talking with Brittany and Santana in the hallway and then saw Rachel and left the other ladies to go grab her hand.

But even though I liked the final scene and the final song, it wasn't enough to redeem the episode. Here's hoping next week is better.

Your thoughts on the episode?


New Branch said...

haha those were the highlights. brittany is so funny. her name...brittany s. pearce. hahaha

The Webbers said...

okay, I've heard from other people that Glee needs to redeem itself after last night's episode. We watch it on hulu, so I'm tempted to wait until next week, so that we can watch the two episodes in a row. I don't want to wait a whole week for it to be redeemed!

Smarshie said...

Amy - yes, I loved Brittany S. Pearce, too.

Sarah - hopefully I didn't spoil too much of the episode for you. It might be a good idea to wait and watch it next week before episode 3. I hear that one is going to be a lot better.