Thursday, May 06, 2010

time to catch up on life

Ok, time to catch up on life. I woke up feeling yucky this morning so I took the day off work. I'm reeeeally glad I did. I need to catch up on life, in all aspects.

* 4 loads of laundry. I seriously did not have anything to wear. Unless I wanted to run errands in my flannel pjs, a sports bra, and a jacket. Um, no.

* Clean my room. Still working on this. But I finally unpacked from my past weekend in southern Cal and I can see my floor. I even vacuumed. Slowly making progress. I'll finish tomorrow.

* Work. Only two more weeks! Ahhh! The end of the semester is in sight. Hallelujah! When I'm tired and not feeling well, it's hard to get motivated at work. So hopefully today's charging of my batteries will pay off for the final-two-week-stretch.

* God time. I am bummed this always gets pushed to the back burner when I get busy. I was convicted last night during the talk at college group. A few weeks ago I talked about finances and the importance of giving our tithes to God first and not giving him whatever's left over (which sometimes is nothing). And our speaker last night shared the same principle with when it comes to time (the topic was time management). We plan out our weeks and get so busy and then IF we have time, we have time with God. That's me. When really I want to plan time with God everyday and not just give him whatever time I have leftover, as if he's just some passing thought.

Random things that have nothing to do with any of the above:

- Billy Jack's wedding was SO FUN! Seeing friends, hugging the bride and groom, dancing the night away, it was lovely.

- Who watched Tuesday night's LOST? Who cried? I am a mix between being pissed and heart broken. You know why.

- Who is going to see Iron Man 2 this weekend?

- How the crap is it May already?

- Our Nerf Assassins game is still going on! Out of 20 people, we are down to 5, I believe. Here's a video of Michael (student) practicing what he will do when he finds his target.

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Jody said...

Did you see this week's episode of "Community?" The campus-wide paintball war made me think of all of you!!!