Monday, May 10, 2010

facebook status updates

Facebook status updates are the best. Here are some of my favs recently:

(from a male college student) "When I grow up I want to be a cat. It would be awesome, I would just lay around and nap all day and eat and gets loves. Except I don't like cats that much, so maybe a dog then."


(another male student) "If a cheetah and a 10 foot chicken got in a brawl, which one would you bet on?"

Another student's response: "A 10 foot chicken is basically a dinosaur, and i can't think of any cheetah that can beat a dinosaur. My money's on the chicken."


(co-worker) "Summer is coming... I need some denim cutoffs."


(my female cousin talking about her daughter) "So i let lola watch 'yo gabba gabba' today. So is this to prevent kids from doing drugs cause the whole show is like one acid trip. Kinda like, 'why do drugs... It's kinda like this...' (insert dvd)"

(another gem from my cousin) "Walked into a fart. For clarification... Someone elses."


(guy friend) "When I become a parent, I plan on wearing Cosby sweaters for difficult decisions."


Smarshie said...

I just saw another great one: "i went to this $25 foot massage place. i was scared but it turned out to be incredible. i was so relaxed that i felt drugged. i stumbled around trader joe's afterward & knocked things over."

WackyMamma said...

i love your cousins!!! haha!! You guys were just born funny!!! LOVE IT!!!