Sunday, January 10, 2010

get DOWN with yo bad self!

Last night, our friend Alan came over when we were making dinner. In the midst of our conversation, the topic came up about how he has no rhythm. And he wants some. Because last year for Halloween at his work (apparently they go ALL OUT, with costume prizes and everything) he dressed up as Richard Simmons and did a fake workout in front of 100 co-workers. He won 50 bucks.

"So Sarah," he said, "I need you to teach me some moves. Because this year, I'm going big: Michael Jackson. I'm gonna learn the dance to 'Smooth Criminal' and some people in my department are going to dance it with me. And I only have 10 months to find some rhythm so I say we start tonight."

15 minutes later, we were pushing aside bean bags and couches in our living room, pulling out ipods, and all wearing gangsta hats (with the brims facing the side, of course). Dance party!! I taught them some hip hop moves I've learned in my class and we laughed and sweated the night away. What a workout! But so fun.

We are very white.


New Branch said...

cover that leg, it's blinding. you are so funny sis!

Jody said...

That is AWESOME! I was just thinking of your hip-hop moves today while listening to some Rhianna at the gym.

Smarshie said...

Aim, I know! It's a good thing we're going to Hawaii soon. I need some color.

Jodes, I love me some Rihanna! Hip hop music is GREAT for workouts.

Tira said...

That sounds so fun!!!! :)