Tuesday, January 12, 2010

message to my teeth

Dear teeth,

Thanks for putting up with the past couple days and all the appointments and poking and prodding. After meeting with the dentist (don't you feel much cleaner?) and the orthodontist, we have a ending date in sight! February 24th. On that beautiful day every single bracket, wire, and rubberband will be removed from you and we will be free of braces forever.

You guys have been such troopers and I appreciate it. Can you make it six more weeks? I promise to continue brushing you multiple times every day, flossing you every night, and eating healthy, yummy foods for you to chomp on.

Let's not think about the extra cleanings, retainers, new veneers, and 2 crowns you will need after the braces come off. One step at a time. Let's celebrate what's in front of us. February 24th - what a glorious day it shall be!!

Yours faithfully,

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