Thursday, January 07, 2010

GLEE fall finale

I know the GLEE fall finale was a long time ago but I haven't had a chance to blog about it yet. Let's jump in and discuss, shall we?

First, let's talk about Quinn. Poor girl has been kicked out of the Cheerios, her own home, and now that Finn knows the truth about Puck being her baby daddy, where will she live now? It takes two to make a baby and yet Quinn is reaping all the consequences. And yes, it was dumb to lie to Finn about him being the father, but sheesh. Cut the girl some slack, Fox. And please make sure she finds a place to live, mmmmkay?

Next, I loved Mercedes rendition of "And I'm Telling You (I'm Not Going). She didn't lip synch very well, but who the heck cares when she's belting it out like that. BRING IT, GIRL!

Best quote of the episode comes from Sue Sylvester (of course): "I am reasonably confident that you will be adding 'revenge' to the long list of things you're no good at, right next to being married, running a high school glee club, and finding a hair style that doesn't make you look like a lesbian."

Moving on, one thing I do not like and have never been a fan of: Will and Emma. Now don't get me wrong. I love Mr. Schuester. LOVE. If such things were possible, I would marry him and have his babies and they'd all have curly hair and he would sing us all to sleep every night. And how can you not love Emma? I love her clothes, she's cute as a button, and beyond sweet. But I don't like them TOGETHER. A fellow blogger bud Lydia posted about this while ago and I totally agree:

Lydia: "Now for the only thing i don't like about the show [GLEE]. in fact - i hate it.

* how they try to make you root for adultery

that is NOT ok!#@* if you are caught in a loveless marriage where your pathetic wife is faking a pregnancy, just to try & hold on, it's over. get a divorce! don't keep running around flirting like crazy like there is no consequence. RIDIC! said it."

Well said, my friend. Even if Will and Emma didn't have a physical affair, they definitely were having an emotional one. I was so proud of her when she told him "Yeah, you JUST left your wife," and then walked away. Finally! Way to acknowledge that you guys need to pull the brakes.

And the end comes and he freaking runs through the halls and kisses her. What?! And she's fine, even happy about it. WHAT!? I am probably the only female in America who feels this way, but oh well.

Next, Rachel was AMAZING with her "Don't Rain On My Parade" song at sectionals! She gave me goosebumps. She was channeling Barbara Streisand all over the place. That girl can SING.

The final song "My Life Would Suck Without You" was also really fun. Is it awesome or worrisome that I recognized almost all the dances they did from previous episodes? Am I too obsessed with this show?

And now we have to wait 4 months for more. Boooooooo...


susannah said...

i did hear one theory that the last smoochie sequence was a dream, but don't know if i believe it...

Jody said...

I don't think you're the only one that feels that way. The thing that makes that part of the show so effective is that it IS a conflict of morality and makes everyone question the two of them together, even if his wife is a psycho. Think about it. Would Will or Emma be as interesting, believable, relatable, or multi-dimensional if they remained perfect? There needs to be some type of flaw to their character. Otherwise there is no drama or interest to their roles.

New Branch said...

it's never too late to talk about glee! whee! loved mercedes song. loved rachel's song more! and can't stand mr shue and emma together. lame. give it some time people. give sarah some time to make the move on the shoe.

Laura McKissack said...

Sarah, I do agree with you and it was so hard to watch. Also hard because of my own moral dilemma (whether or not to be excited about the kiss). Alas, I do love the thought of them being together, I just wish it would have been before he was ever married. I definitely hate the fact that FOX is making you cheer for adultery. Such a sad form of entertainment. That being said... can't wait for it to start up again!!

Lyds said...

yay for Sarah!!! i agree 100% - OBVS! with everything noted. and yes, as your friend Jody mentioned, no drama = boring. however...adultery still = poopytown and Will's the mayor. oh well. hopefully there will be some amazing mohawk babies, hottest cheerio 2010 back in the fold, and more rachel/kurt sing-offs. i'm having withdrawals. (ps - thx for the shout out, sista!)