Monday, November 23, 2009


* I am apparently the ONLY female in the U.S. who didn't see New Moon this weekend. $140 million in 3 days?! Holy crap, America.

* The ladybugs are baaaaack for their annual Torture-Sarah-Party. I have resorted to keeping the vacuum up in my room for October and November. Suck it, ladybugs! Literally.

* Have you ever watched a movie and then afterwards thought, "I can never get those 2 and a half hours back"? (Transformers sequel - F)

* Had another fun Saturday night at the monthly farm potluck and barn dance. Because we've gone so many times, we have most of the dances memorized. So fun!

* Took some college students to Target to buy toys/school supplies/hygiene items, etc for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Have you heard of this organization? It's so awesome. You put together shoeboxes and they send them around the world to kids who might not have Christmas gifts otherwise.

* Do you guys remember me blogging about the Kay family back in July? I ran into them today at Target! It was the first time I've seen Jacob since his accident. He looked great! I mean, the poor guy has a huge skin graft on the left side of his head. But he was alive! Walking, talking, smiling, arguing with his mother about which puzzle they should buy. I almost started crying. He is a miracle. His journey is far from over but it was still so encouraging to see him.

* Watched the Christmas concert drumline practice. They're getting good! They were outside this time, bless 'em.

* And last but not least: Happy 1st Birthday Judah! In the past year, you have filled my life (and so many others) with JOY! I look forward to our Fun Fridays SO MUCH. I have loved watching you grow bigger and stronger. I have loved watching you look around, explore, stick everything in your mouth, smile, learn, laugh, jump in your jumper, grow teeth, grow hair, go on walks with me to Farmer Joes or the park, eat solid foods, read, roll over, touch things and try to figure them out, crawl, pull yourself up, play, watch me sing and dance to make you smile, and it's especially cool when you show us how smart you are. I can't wait to spend another year with you, little monkey! I love you so much.

Love, Auntie Sarah xoxoxo


Lyds said...

um, i stood in line thursday night for an hour & a half in the freezing cold to watched new moon :) it was amazing! i'm glad i could contribute to society. hahaha blog post to come soon!

ps - judah is the luckiest kid ever. he is surrounded by so much love, it's really ridic. team judes!

Jody said...

So many blessings! I think you should count yourself blessed for not having seen New Moon, but that's just me. My book club ladies, most of them over 40, are all Team Jacob in the movie, but are Team Edward in the books. They have an insane cougar crush on Taylor...

New Branch said...

you are not alone in your movie choices! i saw blind side this weekend instead and looooved it. and of course, we love auntie sarah! judah's life is so much fuller with your friday fun days!