Thursday, November 19, 2009

braces update

I had an orthodontist appointment this morning.

Me: "Dr. Anderson, do you know how much longer I will have my braces?"

Dr. A: "Hmmm..." (looking around at my teeth and muttering dates under his breath) "Let's see, 6 weeks, then 4...Sarah, I bet we could get you out of these in 10 weeks."

Me: "REALLY!?!"

Dr. A: "Yep, you are almost done."


Ok I didn't actually say that last part. I think I just smiled really big and maybe let out a small squeal.

The end is in sight! Only 10 more weeks of silver in my mouth, nightly 15 minute flossing sessions, getting food caught in my braces (this is the worst offender), pain everytime they get tightened, wires poking into the sides of the mouth, rubberbands pulling my jaw closer together, and looking like a high schooler!!! HAPPY DANCE!


New Branch said...

sister, i think you're beautiful and brave to have worn them again! we'll celebrate with you in the new year.

rené said...

yay for you!!! :)

Jody said...