Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here are my observations after spending the day with my nephew.

* Sorry to everyone else in the world who has a baby. He wins. He is the cutest and most adorable.

* He loves being changed. I'd lay him on his changing table and we'd just smile, make noises, play around.

* Speaking of smiling, I mention this in the video below but he smiles so much! Every time he smiled, I would squeal loudly and then he'd stop smiling and look all concerned. So I had to learn to just keep my mouth shut and not let any obnoxious sounds come out of my mouth.

* He spit up. A LOT. His clothes and mine got soaked.

* He sleeps. A LOT. I barely have time to play with him before he is fed and put back down for another nap. That's the life.

* I realized that I am a bit envious of babies. First of all, if you know me, you know I LOVE to sleep. And that's a ton of what babies do. Also they eat a lot. Sweet! I love food too. Also, people play with you and bring you whatever you need. Heck, you could be sitting in your stroller, chillin' and having a nice poop and they will even clean it up for you!

* People's voices raise about four octaves around babies. Judah and I went for a walk and I would say hi and have conversations with people on the street. It didn't matter if they were young or old, male or female. They'd talk in normal tones with me and then turn to Judah and in high pictched voices say, "Well, hello there!! Aren't you the sweetest thing!" It was awesome.

* I love watching his eyes. He looks around at everything and I wonder what he's thinking.

* I'm sorry friends, I have become one of those annoying aunts who always talks about their niece/nephew. I promise to blog about something other than Judah very soon.



Jody said...

Do I get a Judah t-shirt if I join the fan club?

susannah said...

um, supercute. but maybe not the only cutest baby in the world. sorry auntie sarah. :)

Lyds said...

very, very cute! and after finally meeting him yesterday, i understand the fixation :) although, i will never babysit him...sorry Amy. no "lion king" scenarios for me (ask your sister). and soozie's baby is pretty dang adorable because she wears leg warmers like jennifer beals circa flashdance...HOT!