Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top Ten Things Sarah Is Thinking About

10. Yeah for President's Day. A lovely day off yesterday.

9. Day 13 of my cold. Seriously? Be gone!

8. Can someone please explain the $787 billion stimulus plan to me?

7. Rain, rain, rain. We need it. So that's good. But Sarah needs to see a glimpse of the sun to not go crazy. Maybe tomorrow?

6. My co-worker Jeff and I are working on a 90's playlist. All our favorite songs from the 90's. Blog coming soon about that. I'll want your input. Start thinking now...

5. Going to the orthodontist on Thursday to get rubberbands put on my braces. Time to straighten that jaw! Bring it.

4. Saw "He's Just Not That Into You" last week with a friend. We laughed ourselves silly. Definitely a movie to see with some ladies. There were a couple things I didn't like, but overall it was very entertaining.

3. The author of The Shack is coming to my church in a couple weekends. It will be cool to hear him share.

2. Judah-time in 3 days. Yes, I will be taking a ton o' pictures and maybe a video or two. Can't help it.

1. We're doing a series on Christian apologetics in the college group. Last week we talked about "Is the bible reliable?" This week is evolution vs. creation. Coming up next month: Heaven and Hell (are they real?) and Jesus (did he really exist? Was he the son of God? Did he really raise from the dead on the third day? etc) Some amazing conversations have been going on! I like seeing students wrestle with this stuff.


Jody said...

90's- you have to include Nirvana even though I want to jam bamboo shards into my eardrums every time their songs come on. It's history.
Also, Alanis, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam (shudder), R.E.M., and Tupac. Oh the 90's were bad. Don't forget Bkork.
Make up for with Jewel and Fiona Apple.

And PLEASE let me borrow The Shack! I do not want to buy it. PLEASE?

And I have a funny story for you later, from the intimate apparel dept.

Jody said...


Katie Hund said...

Jody-thank you for correcting yourself, I was a bit concerned.

90's=my favorite genre of music. I used to listen to 90's hits from 4:30-5:30 in the morning when I worked at Peets. Let me know if you need my advice on stellar hits.