Tuesday, February 24, 2009

free hugs anyone?

Have you heard about the "Free Hugs" campaign?

This one guy, Juan Mann (who looks like Jesus with glasses) started it all in Sydney, Australia. If you haven't seen the video or read his story, you can check it out here.

Anyway, Wednesday night we are having a "Random Acts Of Kindness" night at the college group. We have these nights every other month. They are a great way to get out into our community and share God's love.

What are we doing this time? Yep. Free Hugs. We'll be splitting our students up into groups of 5 and sending them all over the county. And they will be holding up signs and giving free hugs to complete strangers. How will it go? How will people respond? Will police be called? Will it bring smiles to peoples' faces? Will they think we are weird?

I'll let you know.

** UPDATE (Friday Feb. 27) **

The night ended up going really well! We made posters and then had 5 groups go out to different locations. Some people were wary and walked by with a "no thanks" but for the most part, people were TOTALLY into it! One group went to a bowling alley and it was like a hugging frenzy. There was one crew in front of a grocery store and a woman came out and found out they were from a church and asked for prayer! The students prayed with her right there in the parking lot. Love it. My favorite part of coming back and seeing everyone's pictures was noticing how everyone hugging (or being hugged) had a huge smile on their face. One simple act of kindness can make someone's whole night.


Jody said...

Aw! Let me kmow the locations and I'll happen upon each group!

NixonsMamma said...

How'd it go??

I think people are DYING for hugs, esp during these hard days!

Hope it was a blessing!

Jody said...

why do I always make horrible, glaring typos here?

Jody said...

I love this!!!