Friday, September 12, 2008

Jump Jive An' Wail

For a "Fun Night" this week, we took the college students swing dancing. Because not many of them have been before, I invited my friend Jenn and her fiancee Steve to come teach us the basics. Jenn and Steve are dancin' fools and they are REALLY good. So we pulled the students out into the parking lot and set up a stereo with some swing music. We spent about a half hour learning steps while Jeff and I went around taking pictures and videos. Here's a vid I took of them practicing. Sorry it's so dark (the sun had just gone down).

swing dancing part 1

After that, we piled into cars and headed downtown. There is a ballroom that has swing dancing for only 3 bucks. So we went and danced the night away. Myself and the other adult leaders didn't dance with the students, but luckily there were other people there we could dance with. It was so fun! Some of those guys go every week and they are amazing. Twirl me around, fellas!

Here are some pixs from the evening.

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