Tuesday, September 09, 2008

3 year anniversary

Yesterday was the three year anniversary at my job. I don't know about you, but I try and find any little excuse to celebrate. So when I had my first year anniversary at church, I came to work with signs, a balloon in my hair, and donuts for everyone. And thus began a tradition. I have done the last two years and yesterday was #3.

BRING ON YEAR 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Haley said...


An anniversary worthy of a celebration. I hope everyone there appreciated the delicious treats you brought to celebrate the love and servanthood you bring to The Other Side and the TLC staff.

You are amazing and this journey full of ups and downs has grown you so much! It is my prayer that in your fourth year your faith and trust and perseverance will be richly rewarded.

Love you so much,

Smarshie said...

Thank you friend! Love you so much, too.

Antonello and Sarah said...

Wish I could have celebrated with you Sares!!!! TLC is so blessed to have you; your heart inspires!

Love love love,

Jody said...

I respect and admire you as a friend and as a woman in ministry.

I also appreciate your celebratory nature on the job.
On my employment anniversaries, I cross my finger, toes, and legs and hope for a raise.