Monday, July 21, 2008

party time

BFF Elissa and husband Mike are here in town for the week, so I probably won't be blogging much. But if you find yourself bored this week, why don't you check out the online dance battle going on between Miley Cyrus and her friend Mandy VERSUS the director of Step Up 2 and his friends. ("M&M Cru" vs. "AC/DC")

Video #1 - the challenge

Video #2 - Miley and Mandy respond

Video #3 - AC/DC fight back

Video #4 - M&M Cru brings it!

Their final dance battle is supposed to be live on TV. I'm not sure when. Enjoy!


Amanda said...

My kids and I just watched Step Up 2 this past Friday, so we loved watching these clips. My oldest has watched them a few times actually.

Smarshie said...

Yeah, I'm so glad you are enjoying them. Don't they make you want to get up and dance? =)