Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Sandlot, s'mores, and ghost-ridin'

Last night we had an Outdoor Movie Night at the college group. We brought out all the couches from the house, set up a screen and sound system, had frisbees, footballs, hot drinks, popcorn, etc. It was good times. The students requested the movie "The Sandlot". If you have never seen it, please do, so that you can finally understand what the heck people mean when they say, "You're killing me, Smalls!"

So anyway, last night we had a discovery. I am going to share it with you all now, but let's keep it on the down-low, mmmkay? There is a part in the movie where the boys make s'mores, so we had intermission and made s'mores ourselves. One of our girls had the most amazing idea: "Have you ever had peanut butter on a s'more?" *silence* No, none of us had. We all looked at each other with wide eyes. Oh my goodness, that sounded amazing/sketchy and we all knew we were going to try it that very night!

WOW, you guys! Wow. Best freakin' thing I have ever eaten. It is pure goodness. Graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, chocolate bar, and PEANUT BUTTER all together? You MUST try this next time you make s'mores. Seriously. Right now. Go rent "The Sandlot" and buy s'more stuff at the grocery store and get ready for an amazing night.

The reason I ask you to keep it on the down-low is because we would like to copyright the idea. It's a "patent pending" situation. We'd like to receive 5 dollars every time someone makes one and then we'll all go to Disneyland for free. Tra-la-la-la-la! I'll let you know once we've figured stuff out and then we can start the revolution. (What would we call them??)

Anyway, to end this blog, I'd like to share a video of our students "ghost-riding". What is "ghost-riding"? The wikipedia definition is: "when a person puts their car in drive or allows it to idle and then the driver (and passengers) of a vehicle exit while it is still rolling and dance beside it or on the hood or roof." A song came out a couple years ago called "Ghost Ride It!" (with a similar tune to "Ghostbusters") and since then the fad has spread.

Last night we were getting everything set up for the movie, and Michael and Austin decided to ghost-ride Michael's smurf-blue truck on their way back to pick up more couches. Listen for my intern/associate Jeff's voice at the end of the video saying, "That was the shortest ghost ride EVER."

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Katie Hund said...

at the beginning of this post I was thinking, "gosh, can I pretend that I'm in college again and watch movies outside with the college group". Then I watched the video and realized that I'm old. It made me nervous and I muttered under my breath, "how irresponsible". I am definitely not in college anymore.