Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Mike and Elissa headed back home a couple days ago and now I'm back in the swing of things. It was SO fun having them here. We played non-stop. Here are my highlights:

* The Mystery Spot (a tourist trap where a house is built sideways and the tour guides say it is full of a mysterious "force" that can make balls roll upward and people lean at an angle, etc.)

* Beach Boardwalk for cheap nite! (every Monday and Tuesday, all rides are 75 are hot dogs, cotton candy, and soda)

* seeing The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger R.I.P.)

* having them come to college group Wed. night and meet my students

* taking the train into San Francisco, going to a basebell game (go Giants!), playing in the city, and going to Rainforest Cafe for dinner (and then almost dying in our taxi going back to the train station)

* celebrating Elissa's birthday. Happy birthday, E!

* seeing the musical "Forever Plaid"

* driving to Moss Landing and seeing tons of sea otters in the bay (I took waaay too many pictures)

* Monterey!

We did a lot and had a ton of fun. I'm super tired from the festivities =) but it was so worth it. Now...back to life.


NixonsMamma said...

Ahhh! What a fun week! You are the hostess with the Mostess, Sarah!

You and Elissa haven't changed a bit! :) xoxo.

Smarshie said...

I know. I don't think we ever will. =)