Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I have an intern!

Big news! I finally have an intern! This has been a long process. I posted on the Youth Specialties website about our internship position. After many inquiries, applications, emails, phone interviews, reference calls, and "second" phone interviews....drum roll please...JEFF FROM NEW YORK GETS THE JOB!

I am really excited to meet Jeff in person. It's hard doing everything over the phone because you don't really get to sit down and see the person you're speaking with. But I have been praying so much about this the past few weeks, and it has been made so clear that Jeff is the man. He finished college a couple years ago with a major in graphic design, but he has felt the call to go into full-time ministry and he was looking for an internship to gain some experience.

Since he lives in New York, he won't be out here for a couple weeks. He needs to finish up his current job, do his goodbyes, pack, and do the long drive. I told him he should be here for our Fall Road Trip which is Oct. 19th the students can get to know him.

This is a HUGE answer to prayer. I'll let you guys know how things are when he gets out here.


Kelly Kalani Burch said...

Interns are awesome! Be careful though. Often interns get exposed to bigger and better things, they take new jobs, and even though they promise to never forget the little people, before you know it, you never see each other anymore ;-)

You are missed and loved dearly!


Amy said...

Great news Sarah! Hope it all works out well!